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15 squared is either a two dimensional area or simply a number. Neither of these can have a volume.

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Q: What is the volume of 15 squared?
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Related questions

What is the density of an object if the mass is 15 grams and the volume is 5cm squared?

The volume would have to be 5cm3, not squared. density = mass/volume = 15g/5cm3 = 3g/cm3

Is volume cubed or squared?

volume is always cubed. squared is for a 2D figure.

How do you convert the volume of a cylinder from squared to cubed?

you cannot convert the volume of a cylinder from squared to cubed. the volume is always cubed. the area is squared

Is the volume of a rectangular prism squared or cubed?

The volume is cubed and the surface area is squared.

What is 15 squared?

the answer to 15 squared is 225

What is the volume in cubic feet of a cylinder with a diameter of 8 feet and height of 15 feet?

the volume =pi (3.14) x your radius (half of your diameter) squared x height =volume. your answer is 753.8 cubic feet

15 squared ends in 225?

15 squared is exactly 225.

If there is a area of 15 meters and a height of 2 meters what is the volume?

There cannot be an area of 15 metres. A metre is a measure of distance, not of area. Areas must be measured in squared units of distance.

Is volume squared?

No, volume is cubed. Area is squared, for example, 2cm^2 Volume would be in cubic centimeters, meters, etc.

What is the height of a cylinder with a base area of 15 cm squared and a volume of 150cm cubed?

To find the base area of any prism, including the circular prism called cylinder, divide the volume by the height.

What is greatest square factor of 675?

It is 225, which is 15 squared.

What is fifteen squared?

15 squared is 225.

Is perimeter squared or cubed?

I'm pretty sure that perimeter is squared and volume is cubed.

What is the volume of 42cm squared?

A volume is really three dimensional in cubic centimeters. 42 cm squared is 1754 square centimeters. You need the height to calculate a volume.

What is the volume of 301.6in squared?


What is the volume of 10 in of an cylinder?

Volume of a cylinder = pi*radius squared*height

How can i find the volume of the cylinder?

Volume of cylinder: base squared times length

What are all the squared numbers to 15 squared?


What is the volume of a cylinder with a radius of 7 and a height of 15?

formula is pi * r squared*h where r = radius and h = height pi is approx 22/7 so 22/7*7*7*15=22*7*15= 2310

What is the volume of Egypt's great pyramid in metres squared?

As metres squared measure AREA and not VOLUME, the question as asked cannot be answered. However, if you want to know its volume in metres CUBED, then it is 2,583,283 m³.

Pi r squared?

volume of a circle

Is the volume of a figure squared or cubed?

It is cubed.

What is the equation for the volume of a cylinder?

Volume = pi x radius squared x height

Is mm squared density or volume?

neither - it is area. 1 mm cubed is volume

What is the length and width of 10 acres squared?

10 acres squared is a volume in 4 dimensional space!