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Volume = 3.14*32*12 = 339.12 cubic feet

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Q: What is the volume of a cylinder when you have a radius of 3 ft and a height of 12 ft Using 3.14 as pie?
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CSA of a cylinder is 176 cm2 and its base area is 38.5 cm2 find its volume?

find the radius using base area. substitute the radius value in CSA and fine the height. finally substitute radius and height in volume of cylinder formula and find the volume of the cylinder.. Ans:308

How do you find the volume of a cylinder with only radius and height?

By using this formula: V = radius2 x Pi x height

What is used to find volume of a cylinder?

The volume of a cylinder can be determined by using the formula πr2h, where r is the radius of the base of the cylinder and h is the height. For example, if you have a cylinder with a base radius of 6 and a height of 12, the formula would be π(6)2(12) = π(36)(12) = 432π = ~1,357.168 units.

How you can measure the volume of cake?

the volume of a cake can be found by using the formula to find the volume of a cylinder. Pi (3.14) * (Radius of the cake) squared * (height of the cake)

If a cylinder of radius 2cm and height 4cm is submerged in a graduated cylinder of radius 3 cm containing a liquid By how much does the liquid rise?

The displaced liquid volume is equal to the volume of the cylinder. The volume of the cylinder is πr^2h, so in this case it is π(2cm)^2(4cm) = 16π cm^3. The volume displaced is equal to the rise in the liquid level in the graduated cylinder. Using the formula for the volume of the liquid in a cylinder (πr^2h), we can solve for the height (h). The rise in the liquid level will be approximately 1.06 cm.

The height of a cylinder is 10 inches and the volume is 146 cubic inches - what is the radius of this cylinder?

Using the formula for the volume of a cylinder (V = πr^2h), and substituting the given values, we can find the radius. Rearranging the formula to solve for the radius gives us r = √(V / (πh)). Plugging in the values, we get the radius as √(146 / (10π)) ≈ 2.15 inches.

How do you find the radius of a cylinder using volume and height?

Volume = pi x r^2, so r^2 = volume/ pi r = sq root(volume/pi).

What is the volume of a cylinder with a diameter of 6 and a height of 5?

using the volume formula for a cylinder, V = 2*pi*R*H, the volume of a cylinder with R=4 and H=5 is 125.66 sq. in. The formula for a cylinder is V = Pi*R²*H where Pi = 3.1416 and R² = Radius multiplied by itself. Using the formula: V = Pi*R²*H V = 3.1416 * (4*4) * 5 V = 3.1416*16*5 V = 251.328 cu in

How do you find the volume of a cylinder from a given diameter and height?

Easy, you find the area of the circle (Pi X Radius squared) and then multiply it by the height. Your question asks about using the diameter...the radius is half of the diameter.

What is the volume of a cylinder that has a height of ten feet and a diameter of eight feet using pi?

The formula for the volume of a cylinder is the area of the base times the height. The base is a circle, with area = pi * radius² = 16pi feet². Multiply that by the height of 10 feet and the answer is 160pi feet³.

How calculate volume in cubic cm radius 5 cm equal to 10cm height 13.2 cm. write the answer in terms of pi?

It looks as if you are talking about a cylinder. If that is so, calculate the volume, using the formula for a cylinder: V = pi x radius^2 x height

Formula for volume of a cylinder using circumference?

The formula for the volume of a cylinder using the circumference as a parameter is V = (π * C^2) / 4π^2 * h, where V is the volume, C is the circumference of the base, and h is the height of the cylinder.