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a cylinder has a ciruclar base. if the circle has a diameter of 12 then the volume would be 7686.72

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Q: What is the volume of a cylinder with a base of 12 ans a height of 17?
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CSA of a cylinder is 176 cm2 and its base area is 38.5 cm2 find its volume?

find the radius using base area. substitute the radius value in CSA and fine the height. finally substitute radius and height in volume of cylinder formula and find the volume of the cylinder.. Ans:308

What is the volume of a right cylinder with radius 14 and height 31?

The volume of the right angled cylinder is = 22/7 * r2 *h where r is the radius of the radius of the circle & h is the height of the cylinder the ans of ur question is 22/7*14*14*31=19096 unit2

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How do you find the volume of a cylinder when height and the radius is given?

Find the area of the circle and multiply it by the heightI will give an example:Radius = 10 cm and height = 15 cmvolume = Area of base x heightArea of base = area of circle = 3.142 x 10 x 10 = 314.2 cm squaredVolume = Ans. x height=314.2 x 15=4713 cm cubedGood Luck and hope you got it

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