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What is a "four inch" hollow block ? ? ?

In order to calculate the volume, three dimensions are required . . . length, width, and height.

If all three dimensions of this block are equal ... 4 inches ... then the volume is

4 x 4 x 4 = 64 cubic inches.

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Q: What is the volume of a four inch hollow block?
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How many half inch blocks equal one cubic inch block?

Volume of 1 inch block is 1 cubic inch Volume of 1/2 inch block is (1/2) x (1/2) x (1/2) = 1/8 cubic inch Therefore number of 1/2 inch blocks in 1 cubic inch block = 1/(1/8) = 8

What is the volume of gold?

Volume is a measure of size. A block of gold that is 1 centimeter on each side is, (wait for it!) 1 cubic centimeter in volume. If it is 1 inch on each site it would be 1 cubic inch in volume.

A 5-inch section of a hollow brick measures 12 inches tall and 8 inches wide on the outside The brick is 1 inch thick Find the volume of the brick not the hollow interior How do you find the volume?

12x8x5=480 6x10x3=180 480-180=380

In quilting what does finished block size mean?

The finished block size of a quilt is the size of the block after it is stitched into the quilt. The block size has to include the seam allowances on all four sides. In other words, a 12 1/2 inch block will become a 12 inch finished block.

If the dimensions of a 2-inch cube are doubled what is the volume of the new cube?

If you double a 2-inch cube to a four-inch cube, its volume increases from eight cubic inches to 64 cubic inches.

What chemical is use to harden concrete hollow blocks up to 1200 pounds per square inch?

flube block master,,,an italiyan product

How do you compute mortar in concrete hollow blocks laying?

In general, about half an inch of mortar is required to lay each hollow concrete block. The total amount of mortar needed can be calculated by multiplying this value by the number of blocks to be laid.

What is the concrete proportion for Concrete Hollow blocks?

If you want to know the volume of blockfill for 8 inch blocks its 120 blocks to the cubic metre of concrete

How do you place hollow concrete block?

We use a 4 inch grinder with a diamond blade and grind out the masonry joints surrounding the block. Use a hammer to remove the block by striking the hollow cores. Once the block is removed spread mortar on the all sides surfaces of the hole (top will only be able to be smeared). Grab your new block and spread mortar on both sides and the top. Place your trowel on the underside of the block to help guide back into the hole. Tuck point and strike your joints and you are done.

What is the volume of this rectangular solid if each block is a one inch cube?

It would be equal to the number of blocks in cubic inches.

Gallons of water in 670 feet of four inch pipe?

This pipe has a volume 437.4 gallons.

Are the role cage bars on a jeep hollow?

Yes- hollow 2 inch tubing

What will happen to the volume of a cube if the length of its edges is reduce to half Is the volume get reduce if yes how much?

Try it out. A cube with four-inch sides has a volume of 64 cubic inches. A cube with two-inch sides has a volume of 8 cubic inches. That's eight times less.

In football what place kicker is better to use for a beginner a 1 inch block or a 2 inch block?

a 2 in block is easier but a 1 inch block will teach the kicker to kick off the ground better like the pros

Will an eight inch cube have eight times the volume of a four inch cube?

volume 4 in cube = 4 x 4 x 4 = 64 cuins volume 8 in cube = 8 x 8 x 8 = 512 cuins Yes is the short answer.

What would be the volume of a 6 by 4 by 5 prism?

The volume of a 6 x 4 x 5 inch rectangular prism is the product of those four values. The answer is 120.

How much water does it take to fill a twenty four inch pipe by one foot long?

Assuming cylinder: volume = area of circle * length area of circle = pi*radius**2 radius = circumference/(2*pi) radius = diameter/2 if 24 inch is circumference: volume = pi*(24/(2*pi))**2 * 12 volume = 144/pi*12 volume = 1728/pi inch**3 if 24 inch is diameter: volume = pi*(24/2)**2 * 12 volume = pi*144*12 volume = pi*1728 inch**3 if 24 inch is radius: volume = pi*24**2 * 12 volume = pi*576*12 volume = pi*6912 inch**3 if 24 in

What is the volume of a 1 inch cube?

The volume of a 1 inch cube is: one cubic inch.

What is the volume of a cube with 1 inch on each side?

The volume of a cube with 1 inch on each side is: 1 cubic inch.

What is a 6.0 Chevy consider to be. Is it a big block or small block?

A small block. It is the first motor squared, by Chevy, meaning it has a 4 inch bore, and 4 inch stroke.

How many half cubic inch blocks equal a 1 inch block?

You need 8 cubic blocks of sides 0.5 inches to make a 1 inch block.

Volume of 4 inch wide by 8 inch long cylinder?

The volume of a 4-inch wide by 8-inch long cylinder is: 101 cubic inches.

How much inch is in a cubic inch?

Inch is a length. Cubic inch is a volume. The question is wrong.

Is there a four valve Hi-Performance cylinder head available for a small block 400 cubic inch Chevy engine?

Yes they are made by

What is the Volume per inch of a 70 inch diameter pipe?

The volume is 3,848 cubic inches per linear inch of 70-inch diameter pipe. In terms of liquid volume, this pipe would contain 16.66 gallons of liquid per linear inch.