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Q: What is the volume of a pipe that is 9cm wide and has a height of 13cm?
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What is the volume of a box that is 13cm long12cm wide and 6cm long?

936 cubic cm

What is Volume of liquid in 1000' of 6' pipe?

The volume for a 6-foot wide, 1000-foot long pipe is 211,500 US gallons.

What is the unit of volume based on?

Volume is based on three things: Length, width, and height. Height is how tall, length is how far (back), and width is how wide (or how fat).

What is the volume in cubic feet of a pipe that is one foot wide and 2 feet long?


What is cc volume of a cylinder 4.145 wide x 0.150 deep?

Volume of a cylinder = cross-sectional area times height

Where is the height in volume?

You have sideways <<< Upways ^^^^ And of course width which is how wide it is. Side and width are the same thing ;). Height is the thing you x the width and the side by.

Calculate the height of a pool that is 15m long 6m wide 216m in volume?

how to find the dept of the pool if it is 15m long and 6m wide

What is the volume of a paperback book that is 23 cm tall 12 cm wide and 4.5 cm thick?

Volume = length into height into breath

A box is five foot wide and 5 foot long and has fifty cubic feet What is the height?

A box 5 feet wide, 5 feet long, and 1 foot in height has a volume of 25 cubic feet, so a box with the same width and length having a volume of 50 cubic feet is 2 feet in height.

Volume of a box that is 5 cm long 4cm wide 6cm high equals?

volume = base * height * width 5*4*6 = 120

What is the area of a figure that is 29 cm wide and 13 cm long?

29cm times 13cm= 377cm squared :)

What is the volume of a glass that is 80 mm wide and 148 mm high?

Volume cannot be calculated out of two dimensions . For this, we need length, breadth and height. That is 3 dimensions.