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the volume you are asking for depends on the density of the sand i.e. the type of sand
density = mass / volume
volume = mass / density from the weight you mentioned (one pound ) we can get its mass
weight = mass x g (free fall acceleration)

volume = weight/g/density

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Q: What is the volume of a pound of sand?
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What weighs more a pound of lead or a pound of sand?

they both weigh the same because a pound of sand and a pound of lead will still weigh a pound

What is the principle is involved in determining the volume of sand in water?

You can very accurately determine the volume of sand using water. If you just take some sand and measure the volume, a lot of the volume you measure is actually the empty space between the sand crystals. If you want the true volume of the sand, you must use the water method.To do this, start with a known volume of water (use a graduated cylinder for instance). Record this volume. The weigh out a certain amount of sand, and add this sand to the water. When you do that, the volume of the water will increase. Record this new volume. Then simply subtract the initial volume from the final volume. This difference is the volume of the sand particles. You can also calculate the density of sand by this method since you weighed the sand before adding it, and the density is just weight ÷ volume.

How much does a pound of sand weigh?

1 pound.

The weight of one pound of sand?

One pound?

Weight of a pound of sand?

A pound of any matter weighs one pound.

How many liquid ozs are in one pound of dry?

That depends entirely on what is being measured. For example, 1 pound of styrofoam would take up more volume and, therefore, more liquid ounces than 1 pound of sand.

Which weighs more - a pound of water or a pound of sand?

They are equivalent.

How many 50 pound bags can you fit into a 40 foot long container?

That depends on the dimensions of the bags. You can't equate weight to area or volume. A 50 pound bag of feathers is a lot bigger than a 50 pound bag of sand.

What volume of sugar is a pound?

one pound

How much does sand or gravel cost per pound?

It depends on the type of sand/ where you live, but about .985 dollars per pound

Which one has more volume a pound of feathers or lead?

Of course the pound of feathers is having more volume than the pound of lead.

What weighs more a pound of sand o a pound of lead?

They both weigh one pound.

How much does a 25 pound bag of sand weigh?

A 25 pound bag of anything (sand included) weighs 25 pounds.

What is heavier a pound of feathers or a pound of sand?

both are the same ther 1 pond

What is heavier a cup of water or a cup of sand?

As sand sinks in water, the sand must be heavier than water, thus a volume of sand will be heavier than the same volume of water.

Which has the most volume a pound of feathers or a pound of lead?

If they're both weighed on the same planet, then the pound of feathers has more volume than the pound of lead has.

What weighs more a pound of feathers or a pound of nickels?

A pound is a pound, only the volume would be different.

Which is bigger pound of bricks pound of feathers?

A pound of feathers has a larger volume than a pound of bricks.

How many grains of sand in a pound?

In your sand sample, what is the average weight of a grain?

What is the amount of matter in a given volume of a material?

a pound is a pound/

How many pound of sand does it take to sand blast a car?

5000 lbs of sand, give or take a hundred.

Why the sand increase the water in the cylinder?

Because sand have also a volume.

What is the volume of sand?

The volume of sand is about 1,602 grams per cubic centimeter. That is the equivalent of 0.926 ounce per cubic inch.

How much does 16 oz of sand weigh?

16 oz of sand weighs one pound.

Is pound a unit to measure volume?

No a pound is a unit to measure weight.

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