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15.2m * 4.9m * 4.1m = 305.4 metres3 - a very large room!

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Q: What is the volume of a room with a length of 15.2 m and a width of 4.9 m and a height of 4.1 m?
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How do you get room volume?

measure length times width times height

How would you measure the volume of a room?

Assuming the room is rectangular, the formula for calculating the volume of it would be: length x width x height. A ten by ten room that is eight feet in height would have a volume of 800 cubic feet.

How do you work out the cubic size of a room?

Length times width times height = volume Or area times height = volume

What is the volume of a room in liters?

Some rooms have more, some have less.Here's how to calculate the volume of your own room:-- Measure the length of the room in meters.-- Measure the width of the room in meters.-- Measure the height of the room in meters.-- Calculate the product of all three numbers.-- Multiply the product by 1,000.-- The last number is the room's volume in liters.

How do you calculate the volume of the reverberation room?

The volume of a room is length times width times height. So it goes with a reverberation chamber.

How do you find volume if the length of a room is 1023M?

volume = length x width x height. You do not have enough data. This seems to be an exceptionally long room, over a kilometre?

What is the volume of a room with the dimensions of 20' by 14' with a wall height of 8' show method lenght x width x height?

Volume = length times width times height = length x width x height In our case the volume = 20 x 14 x 8 = 2240 cubic feet

How do you find the length of a rectangular prism with its width volume and height?

I can tell you how high yo mama's bed room is

How do you find the square feet of a room with dimensions of height length and width?

== Area of Room== To find the area in square feet of a room, multiply the length (in feet) by the width (in feet). Since you provided three dimensions, perhaps you wished to find the volume in cubic feet. To do so, multiply length, width, and height. Be sure your units are consistent.

The dimensions of a room are 12.5 24 and4 what is the volume of the room?

volume is length x width x height, therefore 12.5 x 24 x 4= 1200

What is the volume of a room if it is 4 meters high?

Not enough information. A room normally has the shape of a rectangular block; if that is the case, you can calculate its volume by multiplying length x width x height.

How do you calculate a rooms capacity?

to calculate a room's capacity is very simple. this is basically trying to find the 'volume' of the room. just multiply the height, the width, and the length together