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Volume = length times width times height = length x width x height

In our case the volume = 20 x 14 x 8 = 2240 cubic feet

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Q: What is the volume of a room with the dimensions of 20' by 14' with a wall height of 8' show method lenght x width x height?
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What is the volume of a box of cereal?

To obtain the volume of a three dimensional object just simply multiply its lenght by its width and its height. So its lenght x width x height.

How do you find width and height of rectangular prism if you are given the lenght and volume?

The length and volume are not sufficient to determine the width and height.

How many dimensions does volume have?

Volume has three dimensions - width, height and depth.

What is the volume of a boat?

you must know the height weight and lenght then multiply them

When the height of a box shaped object is multiplied by its width and lenght its volume is found?

That is correct. Volume is height x length x width.

How can you find the volume of box?

multiply its lenght x height x width

What are the formula for calculating volume cuboids?

Lenght x Width X Height

How do you find the volume of a regular shaped object?

lenght x weight x height

How do you figure voulme lenght time width times height?

Yes, Width x Length x Height = Volume.

How does doubling the height affect the volume?

If all other dimensions are left unchanged, doubling the height doubles the volume.

How do you find the volume of a cube when given area of base and height?

you have to multply lenght times width

How do you find the dimensions of a cube given the volume?

Volume = length X width X height. Therefore, take the cube root of the volume to find all the dimensions

If there is a box what does volume mean in this case?

W*H*L=V Width x Height x Lenght = Volume Stay in school.

How many cubic feet is 20 feet x 4 feet?

A cubic foot is a measure of volume. It comprises 3 dimensions of length (usually lenght, breadth and height). There are only two measures given which form an area, not a voume. There can be no volume in an area (or conversely) so the answer must be NONE.

If the volume of cube is 512 cubic inches what is the height and how did you figure it out?

It is 8 inches. If it is a cube then length and width and height is the same Lenght times width times height is volume So height is the cube root of 512 = 8 I used a calculator to get the cube root

What is the for the volume of a square?

There is no volume of a square, but a cube has volume and its equation is V=lenght*width*height or because all of the sides are equal for a cube side*side*side

Why is volume measured in cubed units?

Volume measures three dimensions: length, width, and height.

If a pyramid has a lenght and width of 14 meters and a slant height of 24 meters and a height of 22.96 meters what would the volume be?

The volume would be 1,500 m3

What metric unit of measurement is used when using the tool lenght times width times height?

When multiplying length by width by height, the volume of the object is calculated. Volume is measured in cubic metres, or m3.

What is the volume of a rectangle given the dimensions 8inches by 15inches?

The area would be 120 inches but you need a height to get the volume The area would be 120 inches but you need a height to get the volume

How do you find volume of the wall?

B x L x W. base times lenght times height.

What is the volume of a rectangular prism that has a lenght of 6 in a width of 4 in and a height of 8 in?

A rectangular prism with a width of 4 inches a height of 6 inches and a depth of 8 inches has a volume of 192 cubic inches.

What is the volume of a glass that is 80 mm wide and 148 mm high?

Volume cannot be calculated out of two dimensions . For this, we need length, breadth and height. That is 3 dimensions.

How many dimensions define a volume?

For a box, the dimensions the define a volume would be:Height, Width, and DepthFor a cylinder, the dimensions that define a volume would be:Height and Diameter

What is the formula for finding volume?

For finding the volume of a cube, or a rectangular prism, you multiply all of the dimensions (height*length*width=volume).