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Q: What is the volume of the average UK telephone box?
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What is the average telephone bill for a small UK business?


What is the average price of a box of latex gloves?

Around £5.00 in the UK

Where can one find information about telephone directory for UK?

One could contact their local telephone company to inquire about a telephone directory. There are also websites, such as those for BT and 192, that contain telephone listings for the UK.

Where is telephone area 07455?

A UK telephone number beginning with 074 is a mobile phone.

How UK people change telephone number?

Call the customer service department of your telephone company.

What is the operator number in the UK?

The main number for reaching a telephone operator in the UK is 100.

Where is plus 447086628095?

It is a mobile telephone number for the UK.

What is the telephone code for UK?


When did STD dialling for telephone numbers start in the UK?

STD dialling began in the UK in 1958.

What are area code UK 754?

A UK telephone number beginning with +44 754 is a mobile.

What does Centrex do in the UK?

Centrex is a kind of telephone exchange which refers to a type of business telephone service in the UK, where customers can keep contact with special employees based on extension numbers.

Where in the UK is telephone area code 01931?

01931 is the telephone code for Shap, Westmorland (near Penrith in Cumbria).