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Q: What is the volume of water on earth in KL?
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What is the equivalent gas volume formula for liquids?


How many pounds equal 640 kl?

There is no conversion possible. Pounds measure weight, kl measure volume.

How many millimeters is 386 kl?

Millimeters can't be converted with (kL) cubic meters. Millimeters measure length, while cubic meters (kL) measure volume.

Which is bigger kg or a liter?

A kiloliter is much bigger then a liter. If you have one kiloliter, then you have 1,000 kiloliters.

What is the overall percentage of water on earth?

The total volume of water on Earth is less than 1,500 million km3. The overall volume of the Earth is 1,100,000 million km3. The percentage of water by volume is therefore about 0.1%This is by comparison a much smaller percentage of water than is found on Europa

How many kiloliters are in 81.2 cL?

By unit of volume and conversion ,we can say that 1 kl=100000 cL 81.2 cL=0.000812 kl

What is a 5kL?

Kilolitre- unit of volume equivalent to 1000 litres or a cubic metre. Symbol: kl For instance 140 litres is 0.14 kl

What is the volume of total water on earth?

The total volume of water on earth is 1.3 billion cubic kilometers. This is equal to 310 million cubic weight of water on earth is 1.4x1021kg.1 kg is approx equal to 1L of water,so approx 1.4x1021L of water.

What is the total volume of salt water on earth?

685,767,231 mi3

How many kl are there in a ton?

kl means kiloliter, this is a unit of volume. A ton is a unit of mass. There is no standard conversion from one to the other.

How do you convert MT 9.140 to KL?

There can be no conversion.A MT is a measure of mass. A KL is a measure of volume. The two measure different things and, according to basic principles of dimensional analysis, conversion from one to the other is not valid.Consider a KL of air. How many MT? Next consider the same volume of lead. How many MT?

Is 4400 meters larger than 4 kl?

Meters is a a measure of distance, kl is a measure of volume, so they cannot be compared. If you mean km instead of kl, then 4400 meters is longer than 4 km.