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Frequency = 1 / (period) = 1/6th Hz

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Q: What is the wave frequency of a periodic wave of 6 s?
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A periodic wave has a period of 0.46 s What is the wave frequency?


What is the relationship between wavelength wave frequency and wave velocity?

wave velocity (m/s) = frequency (Hz) x wavelength (m) wavelength = wave speed / frequency frequency = wave speed / wavelength

How can you derive the unit of frequency from basic units?

If the wave speed is measured in m/s, the wave length is measured in m, and the wave speed divided by the wave length = the frequency, then: m/s / m = 1/s thus the unit of frequency is 1/s or s^-1

What is the product of the frequency and the wave length of a wave?

Frequency (1/seconds) x Wave Length (meters) = Speed (meters/sec. or m/s)

What is the wavelength of a radio wave of frequency 89 MHz?

For any wave, frequency x wavelength = speed of the wave. So, all you have to do is divide the speed of the wave (300,000,000 m/s) by the frequency. Note that MHz means millions of Hz.

What is the frequency of a wave that is 1.6 seconds?

frequency is equal to 1 over its period so for a wave that has a period of 1.6 s, f=.625

What is the velocity of a wave with a frequency of twelve Hz and a wavelength of three m?

The velocity of a wave is wavelength x frequency. velocity = 3m x 12/s = 36m/s

If The wavelength of a wave is multiplied by the frequency of the wave is the wave's?

The last bit of your question confused me a little!? :P ... But I think you are referring to the 'The Wave Equation'. Wave Speed (v) in m/s = Frequency (f) in Hz * Wave Length (λ) in m This equation relates the speed of a wave to its frequency and wavelength

What is the speed of a wave that has a wavelength of 10 m and a frequency of 34 hz?

340 m/s

What is the formula to find the frequency of a wave?

frequency = wave speed / wavelengthWave length equals phase speed divided by frequency. So let L be length, S be speed and F be frequency. We usually use letters such as lamda, but L will work.L=S/F so FL=S and F=S/L. The frequency is the phase speed divided by the wave length.If it is an electromagnetic wave in a vacuum, then velocity is approximately 3 x 108 meters/second

A sound wave traveling at a speed of 340.0 meters per second has a wavelength of 1.25 what is the frequency?

Answer: frequency = 272 Hz. Given the wave velocity (speed of sound) and wavelength, find the frequency of the wave. Velocity = 340.0 m/s, Wavelength = 1.25 m. Formulas: Velocity = wavelength * frequency. Frequency = velocity / wavelength. Calculation: Frequency = (340.0 m/s) / (1.25 m) = 272 Hz. (Where Hertz = cycles / second.)

How do you find the wave frequency?

You can Stick to the formula which is : wavelengths/secounds = Hz so that Frequency (Hz) = Wave speed (m/s) / Wavelength (m) OR Frequency (Hz) = 1 / Period (s)

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