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Q: What is the weight for 500 rs notes in 1 crore?
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What is the weight for 1000 rs note warht 1 crore?

12.2 kgs in case of Old notes 12.0 kgs in case of new notes

What is the weight of one crore Indian rupees for a 500 note?

Weight of 1 Rs 500 Note = 1.15 g 500ร—20000= 1cr 1.15ร—20000=23 Kg 23

How much is RS 500 crore in US dollars?


What is the weight for 1000 rs note warht 1 crore Indian rupees?

17 kg.

What is a maharatna award?

three years consecutive profit rs 5000. crore;networth more than rs 15000 crore; turn over more than rs 25,000 crore ;listed in share market

What will be per mw capital cost for a photovoltaic solar power plant?

Rs. 6 Crore to Rs. 7 Crore per MW

How many rands for Rs 10 crore?


How much is Rs 250-crore in USD?


Can you make 1000 rs with out using 100 rs notes but with only 10 no of notes?

You can make 1000 RS without using a 100 RS note. Five 150 RS notes plus five 50 RS notes equals 1000 RS in 10 notes.

Who are the richest malayalees in the world?

Kris Gopalakrishnan has a net worth of $1.24 billion (around Rs 6,646 crore). The net worth of M G George Muthoot is $1.14 billion (around Rs 6,110 crore), S D Shibulal $ 770 million (around Rs 4,127 crore) and Joy Alukkas $700 million (around Rs 3,752 crore).

1.5 billion dollar is equal to how much crore?

$1.5 billion is equal to Rs 8,986 crore.

How much is Rs 2 crore in American dollars?

2 crore is $20,000 in American dollars

Can i keep 1 crore in saving account?

Yes, you can deposit Rs. 1 Crore in the savings account.

Most costly film of the Bollywood?

Ra.One - Investment cost: Rs 135 crore, Box office collections: Rs 112 crore (would keep increasing)

How much is Rs 50000 crore in US dollars?

$ 10 billion ( @ 1USD = Rs 50)

What is the cost of wdg4 locomotive?

Approximately Rs. 11.5 crore.

How much is RS 30 crore in ringgit malaysia?


How much black money does jayalalitha has?

Rs 250 crore

Which are the top 10 pharmaceutical companies of India?

RanbaxyThe Indian pharmaceutical industry is the second-fastest growing industry sector in the country. It has shown a revenue growth of 27.32 per cent (as per the latest data available) to touch Rs 25,196.48 crore (Rs 251.96 billion) in 2006-07.Dr. Reddy's LaboratoriesDr Reddy's Labs, with a 2007 turnover of Rs 4,162.25 crore (Rs 41.622 billion), is India's second largest drug firm by sales.CiplaPharma major Cipla is India's third largest pharmaceutical firm. Its 2007 revenues stood at Rs 3,763.72 crore (Rs 37.637 billion).Sun Pharma IndustriesSun Pharma is the nation's 4th largest pharma company at a 2007 revenue Rs 2,463.59 crore (Rs 24.635 billion).Lupin LabsLupin Labs is India's 5th largest drugs firm. Its 2007 revenue was at Rs 2,215.52 crore (Rs 22.155 billion).Aurobindo PharmaAurobindo is India's 6th largest pharma firm by sales. Its 2007 revenues stood at Rs 2,080.19 crore (Rs 20.801 billion).GlaxoSmithKline PharmaGSK is India's 7th largest drug company with a turnover of Rs 1,773.41 crore (Rs 17.734 billion) for 2007Cadila HealthcareCadila's 2007 revenue was Rs 1,613.00 crore (Rs 16.13 billion), which makes it India's 8th largest pharma firm.Aventis PharmaAventis Pharma, with a 2007 revenue of Rs 983.80 crore (Rs 9.838 billion) is the 9th largest Indian drug company.Ipca LaboratoriesAt a revenue of Rs 980.44 crore (Rs 9.804 billion), Ipca is India's 10th largest pharma firm by sales.

1 billion dollar is equal to how much crore?

100 CRORE DOLLAR IS EQUAL TO Rs. 49,340 CRORE (Forty Nine Thousand Core Rupees.)

How many million RS 150 crore?

150 crore = 1.5*109 = 1.5*103 = 1500 million.

How much Rs 1800 Crore to US dollars?

307 million $

How much dollars is Rs 10 crore?

166090 US Dollars.

How much is Rs 10000 crore in US dollars?

1 million

What is Rs 950 million in India rupees?

Five thousand Crore