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Q: What is the weight of mc30 per litre?
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How do you convert micro grams per liter to micro moles per liter?

(Micrograms per litre)/(gram molecular weight of solute) = (micromoles per litre).

How much a school glue weight?

About 1.1 kilo per litre.

How much water weight is normal?

On the surface of the earth, approx 9.8 Newtons per litre.

How heavy is a neon?

2340ish pounds curb weight

How many micrograms per liter cubed are there in 10000 ppm of benzene?

Firstly there is no such thing as litre cubed. It is just litre. ppm means milligrams per litre, so you have 10,000 milligrams per litre. This is 10,000,000 micrograms per litre.

How do you convert Micro molar to milliliter per liter?

To convert micromolar (µM) to milligrams per liter (mg/L), you need to know the molecular weight of the compound in question. Once you have the molecular weight, you can use the formula: concentration (µM) x molecular weight = concentration (mg/L).

What is the weight of OLIVE OIL per one liter?

Appx. 970 Grams (Near 1 litre), or 8.09 lbs per gallon (US)

What is the weight of LPG per liter?

The weight of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) per liter varies depending on the specific type of LPG being used. On average, the weight of LPG ranges from about 0.52 to 0.58 kilograms per liter.

What is the molarity of a 250 ml solution made with 19.55 grams of Na Cl?

You need to have the weight per litre so you multiply by 4. 19.55x4 is 78.2 grams per litre. 78.2 divided by 58.443g/mol is 1.338 molar.

What is 2 part per billion in gram per litre?

This is 2 nanograms/litre.

How heavy is 1 litre?

1 Litre is equivalent to 1 kilogram in weight.

How much sodium is in 250 milliliters of normal saline?

Normal saline is 0.9% weight/volume sodium chloride to water. This is 9 grams per litre. NaCl has a molecular weight of 58.5, sodium (Na) has a weight of 23, which is 39.3% of the molecular weight. So sodium is 39.3% of the weight. 1 litre of saline has 9 grams, 250ml is a quarter of a litre, so has 9/4 grams = 2.25 grams. 39.3% of 2.25 g is 0.884 grams of sodium.