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The weight of one square foot of water is zero pounds. A square foot is a measurement of area, not volume. Since a square foot has no height, it is not possible to fit even a single hydrogen atom inside a square foot.

The weight of a cubic foot of water (a cube with each side equal to one foot) is about 62.42 pounds. The reason that I saw "about" is because the density of water changes according to its temperature, so that a cubic foot of water at 32 degrees Fahrenheit will weigh 62.42 pounds, but at 212 degrees Fahrenheit a cubic foot of water weighs 59.83 pounds.

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Q: What is the weight of one square foot of water?
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What is the weight of one inch of rain over one square foot?

One inch of rain over one square foot is 1/12 cubic foot of water. A cubic foot of water weighs about 62.4 pounds. 1/12 of that is about 5.2 pounds.

What is the weight of 1 square foot of sea water?

A square yard is a measurement in 2 dimensions, length and width. Since there is no depth measurement in a square yard, therefore, a square yard of water has no weight. However, "...a cubic yard is 27 cubic feet, and a cubic foot of water weighs about 62.4 pounds, so 62.4 x 27 gives you...about 1685 pounds." (

What is the weight of one square foot of 2 centimeter thick granite?

it is 336

What is the psi of 1 gal of water falling 1 foot?

One square foot

How much water is in a square of 1 foot?

A square foot cannot hold water its 2 dimensional. What you see is what you get . A one cubic foot container can hold 7.48 US gallons of liquid.

What does one inch of water weigh?

The question as posed is unanswerable. In order to compute the weight of an inch of water, one would have to know the volume, or area the one inch covers. (ie., a square foot of water one inch deep would weigh=X)

What is the weight per square foot of corian?

if the slab is one inches thick, it should be 8.8 pound per squire foot.

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What is the density of jello in pounds per square foot or kilograms per square meter?

You can estimate this answer closely. Jello is more dense than water. If you know the density of water per square foot, add something to that number (maybe double). Another way to estimate it would be this: Have you ever picked up a bowl of jello? How much do you think it weighed? (without the bowl, of course.) You can compare the weight of a bowl of jello to anything that you know the weight of, such as a three-pound weight that you use to exercise. Estimate how many bowls of jello it would take to make one square foot. Then multiply that number by how many pounds one bowl of jello weighs.