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Q: What is the whole number ratio in chemistry?
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What does Physics Chemistry the number of atoms of one isotope of an element divided by the total number of atoms in a mixture of the isotopes mean?

If you divide the number of atoms of a single isotope by the total number of atoms, you get the ratio of that isotope. This tells you how common/uncommon that isotope is.

How can mixtures be distinguished from compound?

In a compound the component elements are chemically bonded together in a fixed whole number ratio and definite structure. In a mixture the components are not chemically bonded together, the ratio is variable, and there is usually not a fixed structure.

How do you get a PhD in chemistry?

An important thing to understand here is that you wouldn't get a PhD in chemistry as a whole subject but you would get a PhD in a certain field of chemistry, like physical chemistry. Allow me to explain: I'm from the UK so the first thing you would do is get a degree in Chemistry or a related subject like Medicinal Chemistry or Biochemistry, whatever you like best. This would be called a BSc; Bachelor of Science meaning you have a degree in a science based subject. So you would have a BSc in Chemistry. Then you could go on to get a Masters, or an MSc for Master of Science. These degrees are normally more specific than BSc's so you would study a particular part of Chemistry and not Chemistry as a whole, for example, Analytical Chemistry. However, you can study an MSc in Chemistry as a whole which has a research basis. Then you would do a PhD. These are primarily research degrees which would involve a specific part of Chemistry and not as a whole subject. So you would have a really specific title.

Is atomic number a whole number?

Yes, the atomic number will always be a whole number.

How do you find the ratio of neutrons to protons?

You find the number of neutrons, N You find the number of protons, P Then the ratio is N:P.

Related questions

Does a ratio need to be a whole number?

Yes, a number in a ratio must be a whole number.

What is simple whole number ratio?

Simple whole number ratio implies that ratio of the elements in a compound is a whole number i.e. the ratio of elements bear whole number. For example in Cu2O, Cu and O combine in a simple whole number ratio of 2:1.

Can a whole number be expressed as a quotient ratio or integers?

Every whole number can be expressed as the quotient or ratio of other whole numbers, and whole numbers ARE integers.

What is the definition of whole to whole ratio?

It is the ratio of one whole number to another whole number, which may be expressed as a fraction. The ratio (or fraction) may be simplified by dividing both numbers by the greatest common factor.

What is a chemistry integer?

A whole number is an integer in chemistry. In chemistry, integers include negative whole numbers and zero. Answers in integer form are shown as whole numbers.

Why is any whole number rational?

-- Any number that can be written as the ratio of two whole numbers is a rational number.-- Any whole number can be written as the ratio of that number to ' 1 ', so it's rational.

Can a whole number be an ratio?

Yes it is esssentially that number to one ratio five written as a ratio would be a five to one ratio

The smallest whole number ratio of the atoms in a compound?

Emperical formula give the smallest whole number ratio of atoms in a compound

What is the simplest whole number ratio of atoms in a compound?

The simplest whole number ratio of atoms in a compound is 1.

Can a ratio be simplified to a mixed number or whole number?


How do you simplify the ratio 4.8 to a whole number?

4.8 is the ratio 48/10 . You can never write 4.8 as a singlewhole number, simply because 4.8 is not a whole number.

What is 2.5 as a whole number ratio?

It is 25 : 10

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