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Q: What is the whole point in existence in humans?
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When was Point of Existence created?

Point of Existence was created in 2004.

When did Point of Existence happen?

Point of Existence happened in 2006.

Is human existence simply a matter of playing parts?

Short answer - yes. Nature is just going on in its own way. Humans are not, only the whole universe is.

What does decisive turning point in your existence mean?

decisive turning point in your existence mean

What is threatening the wolf's existence?


If humans like to taste blood are they humans?

yes, and there is no existence of vampires.

The central sense in humans existence is?


What is the point of existence?

existence begins at conceptionThe point of existence is to search for the point of existence.2. to have fun is a major part. If you're not having fun, you're not there.Answer #3:Things only have a 'point' when they are put into a wider context. For example, the 'point' of a telephone is to aid communication; if there is no need for communication, there is no 'point' in having a telephone. Similarly, 'existence' only has a 'point' in the wider context of... non-existence? Hmmm. Whatever life is, this is your only chance at it. The point of existence is to 'Go for gold', however you define that. That is your first purpose, everything else follows.

How do you know existence of early farmars?

early humans

How long has the bull have been in existence?

As long as cows have been in existence, or the whole Bos primigenius species and subspecies have been in existence.

What is the purpose for car existence?

help us get from point A to point B

Can apes walk?

no they are completely still for the whole of there existence