What is the width of a 3 point line?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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If a "3 point line" refers to a line that is three points wide, then the line is 3/72 inches wide, or 1/24 inches wide.

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Q: What is the width of a 3 point line?
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A point has zero deminsion and a line has two?

Point, zero; line, one: length but no width

Is a taut piece of thread a point line line segment ray or plane?

None of them since a thread has a finite length and finite width. A point has neither length nor width whereas a line, line segment and ray do not have any width. A plane has infinite length and width. The nearest approximation is a line segment.

Does a point have the two dimensions of length and width?

No, a point has no length, width, or height and thus has no dimensions. It is defined by a set of coordinates, but itself has no dimensions. A line has length but no width or height, and thus has 1 dimension. a plane has length and width, but no height, and thus has 2 dimensions. a space has length, width and height, and thus has 3 dimensions.

What has length and width but no height point plane line space?


How many point do you get when you shoot from the 3 point line?

3, hence the name "the 3-point line"

A Has infinite length and length but no thickness?

A point has no length, width, or thickness. A line has infinite length but no width or thickness. A plane has infinite length and width but no thickness.

Has length but no width and no thickness?

An ideal line also known as the locus of an ideal point

What is the connection among plane line and point?

Point : 0 dimensions (position only) Line: 1 dimension (length) Plane: 2 dimensions (length and width)

Does a line have width?

no it does not have a width

How do you make the line width more than 6 point on Power Point?

Click more lines, under the text outline weight

What are the 3 undefined terms in geometry?

point, line and plane

Where can you score 1 2 and 3 points on a basketball court?

Each basket is worth 1 point at the foul line, 2 points inside of the 3-point line, and 3 points outside of the 3-point line.