What is the width of notebook paper?

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what is the width of a notebook

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Q: What is the width of notebook paper?
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What prefixes would be best to use when measuring the width of a piece of notebook paper?


What is notebook paper?

Notebook paper is paper that you can write notes on and maybe in a book with other pieces of notebook paper

How many inches is the length and width of a piece of paper?

Depends on the paper. Computer paper is usually 8.5" by 11". Notebook paper may be 8.5" x 11", but some is slightly smaller.

What are notecards?

They are little cards kinda like notebook paper but shorter in width and hight. (You use them to write a speech on or a bibliography)

What paper boat floats the best copy paper notebook paper construction paper?

I used notebook paper, card stock, photo paper, and computer paper. Notebook paper floated the longest.

How do you make a flower out of notebook paper?

How do you make a rose out of notebook paper

How do you measure the width of a notebook?

With inches.

When was Notebook Paper created?

Notebook Paper was created on 2007-06-19.

What metric unit would you measure the width of a sheet of notebook paper?

cm A sheet of A4 is 210 mm x 297 mm. An A5 notebook is 148 mm x 210 mm.

Is notebook paper a conductor or a insulator?

A piece of notebook paper is not a conductor it is an insulator

Why is notebook paper called filler paper?

It is called filler paper because it is used to fill a notebook or binder.

Is a piece of notebook paper three dimensional?

yes because it has a depth of less than a milimeterMy version:Yes, the three dimensions for our purposes are length width and depth. Paper has a thickness (depth) even though it is seen by our eyes as two dimensional (length and width only)

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