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Maria Gaetana Agnesi (1719-1799) of Milan was a gifted scholar and linguist who was first published at the age of 9 with a Latin essay defending higher education for women. She was a well-published scientist by the age of 20 and was made an honorary member of the faculty at the University of Bologna with the consent of the pope at the age of thirty. She later retired to devote herself to her religious work. She is most famous for her curve Agnesi called versiera, or turning curve. We know this curve by the name the "witch of Agnesi" because a British mathematician, John Colson, translated the word versiera incorrectly.

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Q: What is the witch of agnesi?
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Why is Maria Agnesis math so important?

Maria Agnesi is best known from the curve called the "Witch of Agnesi". See the related links below

What did maria agnesi's translation made into a witch?

Maria Agnessi's Witch curve received this name after translation of the Latin name 'versoria' which means a 'rope that turns a sail' to the English name Witch.

What is the name of maria agnesi's father?

Pietro Agnesi

When was Luigi Agnesi born?

Luigi Agnesi was born in 1833.

When did Luigi Agnesi die?

Luigi Agnesi died in 1875.

When was Nicolas Agnesi born?

Nicolas Agnesi was born in 1988.

What are Maria Agnesi's contributions to mathematics?

Maria Agnesi is best known for two things. Her textbook Analytical Institutions, which provided a clear summary of the state of knowledge in mathematical analysis at the time. Her book brought the works of various mathematicians together in a very systematic way, and caused a sensation in the academic world. Some say she is best known for equation of the curve called the "Witch of Agnesi."

What maria agnesi Mother?

maria agnesi's mother is actually unknown.

What nicknames does Alberto Agnesi go by?

Alberto Agnesi goes by Watt.

When did Maria Agnesi die?

Maria Agnesi died in January 9.1799 by a heart attack at a zoo

What is maria agnesi famous for?

She published many books such as Analyticl Institutions and Propositiones Philosophicae. One of her most well known accomplishments is when she explained the equation of the curve, also known as the Witch of Agnesi. She was elected to the Bologna Academy of Sciences and was one of the first recognized female mathematicians of the Western World.

What was Maria Gaetana Agnesi major mathematical accomplishments?

maria agnesi contributions in maths