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Parallel lines.

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Q: What is the word for Two lines not connected but running along side each other?
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What does phemus mean?

According to other people, it is along the lines of, "Fame."

What is the relationship between lines and shapes?

Lines are two connected points with length but no width. When the end points of lines are all shared by other lines a shape is formed. This shape is known as a polygon.

There are four equally spaced beads on a circle. How many straight lines are needed to connect each bead with every other bead?

The first bead needs three lines to connect it to every other bead.The second bead needs two more lines to connect it to every other bead (it's already connected to bead 1).The third bead needs one line to connect it to bead 4 (it's already connected to 1 and 2).The fourth bead is already connected to all the other beads, so no additional lines are needed.That's six lines total.

Where do the majority of the earthquake on earth occur?

Most earthquakes occur along the oceanic and continental plates where two plates are running into each other or sliding past each other. Fault lines or cracks in the earth can be created along these plate edges. The Pacific plate is the most active so most of the earthquakes are along the edge of that plate such as the Ring of Fire in the basin of the Pacific Ocean.

Is perpendicular and parallel the same?

No, perpendicular lines are lines which intersect (cross each other/meet) and a 90 degree angle, while parallel lines a lines which run along side each other and will never intersect/meet.

Is two lines connected by their perpendicular is parallel?

Parallel lines run in the same direction. If they are intersected by one line and that line is perpendicular to both, then it proves that the lines run parallel to each other.

What lines are connected to a motorcycle carburetor?

Fuel line. Throttle lines of which there are 2. One is the accelerator cable and the other is the return cable sometimes called the idle cable.

Lines of longitude are not parallel why?

because they merge at the poles... they seem to be parallel near the equtor region..n remenber parallel lines nver meet each other... n due to the shape of our earth these lines merge at poles...

What is parralel line?

2 lines that run along side each other without colliding

What phenomena takes place when sound waves are reflcted from a suface along paralled lines?

When sound waves are reflected from a surface along parallel lines an echo takes place. The amount the echo repeats itself is determined by how close the lines are to each other.

What are the lines on a map running north-south that show distances east or west of the prime meridian?

Meridians of Longitude All of the other meridians; the lines of longitude.

Are trail running tights available with reflective lines?

Unfortunately, trail running tights are not available with reflective lines, you can however, buy other brands that are aware of reflective lights. Hopefully, the shoe company will come out with something new.