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"lecture" is a word form!

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Q: What is the word form for lecture?
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Related questions

What is the verb form of the word lecture?

-Lecturing -Lectured _________ Or simply: to lecture. Lecture is a verb its forms are: lecture / lectures / lectured / lecturing

Does the word lecture have three syllables?

No the word lecture has two syllables.

How many syllable are in the word lecture?

lecture has 2 syllable

What is a verb for lecture?

Lecture can be a verb itself.. depends on how you use it.. But another word for lecture that is a verb would be preach

What part of speech is the word talk?

The word talk can be a noun or a verb. The noun form is a conversation or a lecture. The verb form means to communicate through means of speech.

Can you give a sentence with the word lecture?

The teacher gave a lecture about the importance of agriculture.

What does the word lecture mean?

A lecture is a way of communicating information by telling someone. The information is communicated in audio form and is usually quite lengthy (between 15 minutes and an hour is common). If the information is of a spiritual nature it is usually called a sermon.

What is sentence with the word lecture?

The parents tried to lecture the disobedient child, but the child did not care.

An sentence with the word lecture?

The college professor gave the class a lecture on rare lizards.

When you rewrite the main ideas of a story article or lecture in a shorter form you what?

You have created a summary of the story, article or lecture.

What is another word for classroom?

Lecture Theater

What is the one word for lecture stand?


What does the root word in lecture mean?


Is the word happily a example of a noun?

No, the word 'happily' is an adverb, a word that modifies a verb; for example:We happily escaped the boring lecture at the first intermission.The word 'happily' is the adverb form for the adjective 'happy'; the noun form is happiness.

What is the french word for the English word 'readoholic'?

un passionné de lecture

How do you write the word reading in french?

la lecture

How do you use the word lecture in a sentence?

The professor gave his last lecture that night. She received quite a lecture from her mother when she came in late.

What is the word 'lecture' when translated from English to Spanish?

Conferencia or lectura.

What is a sentence with the word coherence?

He remained coherent throughout the lecture.

What is a sentence with the word forgettible in it?

The lecture I listened to yesterday was forgettable.

How do you use the word resonating?

After the lecture, the message was resonating in his mind.

Is 'lecture' a feminine or masculine word in French?

Lecture is a feminine noun in French. Use the feminine articles la or une.

What is a 7-letter word for a formal speech?

Lecture, oration, redress.

How do you use the word acoustics in a sentence?

The acoustics in the lecture room are terrible.

Where does the word school come from?

It comes from the ancient Greek word skhole, to have a learned discussion, lecture or dispute.