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Long division vocab.: the dividend is divided by the divisor. The remainder is what's left over after the problem is solved. The quotient is the answer! Hope that helps! :-)

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Q: What is the word you use in long division?
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How do you solve 7 divided by 52613?


When do you use long division?

When do you use long division?You use long division when the number you are dividing is too big to do in your head or use short division.

What do we use to convert a fraction to a decimal?

You use long division.

How can you use the word quotient in a sentence?

The word problems was mostly division quotients.

How did you get 5 over 16 in decimal form?

By long division.By long division.By long division.By long division.

How do you use the word division in a sentence?

In math, the students are working on division and multiplication. She works in the sales division of a large, successful company.

What is 5.06 divided by 2 in long division?


When will you use polynomial long division in life?

In a mathematics exam.

What are different ways to divide?

You can use long or short division.

How do you divide 1.12 by 8.2?

Use a calculator, or by long division.

How do you get the answer for 3 over 16?

Use a calculator or do long division.

How divide without a calculator?

Use the method of long division.

How do you write A to B as a decimal?

You use long division of A by B.

How do you divide a monomial by a binomial?

You use long division of polynomials.

How can you use the word new International Division of labor in a sentence?

You can't, that is not A word, it is 4 words.

How do you do 1394 divided by 36?


How do you do a division sign on Microsoft Word?

use the forward slash sign /

What is the easiest way to understand the use of long division worksheets?

Long division worksheets are not difficult to understand if read clearly. There is not difference between the two worksheets you referenced. They are both easy to use.

What is the answer to 44 divided by 345 in long division?


What is long divsion?

long division is division that is of course long.

How can you divide a decimal by a whole number?

Use the method of long division.

Do you use the word of when dividing or multiplying?

yes you do, for example: 2 is a division of 1

How do you abbreviate word DIVISION?


What is 37 divided by 6479 using long division?


Is that long division box called a division line?

Yep, to do long division the box is called a division bracket.