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The United States

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Q: What is the world's largest national market place?
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What continent has the worlds driest place and also has the largest tropical rainforest?

South America.

Which place has the largest fruit and vegetable market in Asia?


Where is the worlds largest indoor rock climbing place?

Momentum Indoor Climbing Gym in Sandy, Utah is the largest Indoor Climbing gym.

Known as the best place to pick up a single fishmonger this Seoul landmark is the largest seafood market in the city what is it called?

The Noryangin Fish Market is Seoul's largest marine products market.

Which is biggest computer and mobile market in south Asia?

Nehru Place Market in South Delhi is the Largest Computer Market in south Asia.

What country is the largest car market in the world?

India is the worlds largest Car market...during The last ten years more than 10 of the world automotive Giants such as GM,Honda,Hyundai,Toyota etc have opened up manufacturing units in India from where global Distribution Takes place...Indias open market and Large skilled Man Power has resulted in this...though CHINA has the largest population as a country..its market more inclined towards electric scooters and other modes of efficient transport.....

What to see in noida?

Worlds of wonder,Great Indian place ,akshardham, Radisson, Atta market and lots more..........................................

What are the worlds largest countries?

The largest country in the world is Russia by far. Canada and the United States are rank second and third respectively. China is a respectable fourth place.

Who held the largest share of the refrigerator market in 2001?

In 2001 Kenmore held the largest share of the refrigerator market, with 25.9 percent, followed by GE with 18.1 percent, and Whirlpool in third place with 13.5 percent

What is the distance from Disney worlds market place and universal Hard Rock Hotel?

Approximately 11 miles. The distance is easily driven on Interstate-4.

What is the difference in the stock market and the currency exchange market?

A stock market or equity market, is a trading place where buying and selling of stocks happens to gain some profits. The currency market, also termed as Forex, is a global, decentralized market where the transaction of currencies takes place. The largest international banks and financial institutions takes part in this Forex trade.

What is a souk?

A market place in North Africa.