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Flues model made in 1912. It should be able to be shot with light loads only.

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Q: What is the year of manufacture for an Ithaca side x side 12 gauge serial 225678 Gun has Smokeless Powder Steel on the top of each barrel?
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When did Ithaca stamp the barrel of double barrel shotguns with smokeless powder?

i dont know maybe cause your gay

Smokeless powder in 1891 colt rifle?

Do not attempt to do load with smokeless powder.

How does black powder compare to smokeless powder in power?

Black powder is much weaker than smokeless powder. Smokeless powder, for this reason, once invented(much after black powder), replaced black powder in guns. However, black powder is still used in fireworks because the extreme explosive power of smokeless powder would prove too dangerous in fireworks.

When was smokeless gun powder invented?

1884. There were a few earlier products. smilar to, but not exactly the same as smokeless powder of today.

What kind of gun powder can be used with pistols or machine guns?

there are several typed of powder the most common are black powder and smokeless powder. black powder is very corrosive and burns slower com paired to smokeless and just by the name there acepinaly more smoke were as smokeless gun powder is stronger and faster and cleaner.

Who built 10 gauge shotguns?

Many companies built them in both black and smokeless powder variants. Remington, Ithaca, H&H, Greener, Wadsworth, etc..

What is an Ithaca side by side serial 265886 hunting dog engraving and smokeless powder and what year is it?

if in good condition 2800 to 32oo$ dollars....from shooters gun's in jax fla.

Why is it important to ensure your muzzle loader can handle modern smokeless powder as a propellant?

When using a muzzle loading gun it is important to ensure that it can handle modern smokeless powder because of the greater amount of force produced by smokeless powder as opposed to using the black powder that the muzzle loader was intended for.

Can i use smokeless powder in a black powder firearm?

No. In general you should never use smokeless powder in a firearm designed specifically for black powder. To do so may be very dangerous. If in doubt, have the gun inspected by a qualified gunsmith and only fire smokeless powder in the gun if a properly qualified gunsmith tells you it is safe to do so.

What does pour pouores vives mean?

Pour poudre vives means it was made for smokeless powder (not for black powder, in other words it was made after smokeless powder came into common use).

When you shoot a gun does the smoke affect the o zone?

what little smoke that is generated by smokeless powder cartridge,s,hence the name smokeless powder does not effect the ozone.

First country to use smokeless powder rifles?


What is the difference between smokeless powder and black powder?

Black powder is a mixture made by finely integrating potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur in the ratio 75:15:10 into each other. Smokeless powder consists primarily of nitrocellulose(also called guncotton) which is a compound made by reacting cellulose(cotton is a pure source, hence the name) with nitric acid with sulfuric acid used as a catalyst. Nitroglycerine, nitroangudine and other additives are also added. Smokeless powder is much stronger than black powder. Smokeless powder is used in guns, to propel bullets. Black powder is used to propel fireworks and was once used in guns(when smokeless powders were not invented).

How much is black powder for a barrett m82?

The Barrett M82 doesn't use black powder - it uses modern smokeless powder.

Is 22 short the same as 22 short black powder?

No. Mosern .22 shorts are loaded with smokeless powder. .22 short black powder is loaded with just that - black powder. Smokeless powder develops higher pressures than black powder and should not be blindly used without some confirmation that the gun will handle the pressures. Consult a local gunsmith.

What was the first smokeless powder developed for the satisfactory use in rifled guns?

In 1884 Paul Vielle invented a smokeless powder called Poudre B (short for poudre blanche—white powder. This was used in the Lebel rifle, shown above.

What is dr eq in shotgun shells?

dr eq = drams equivalent. Black powder used to be measured in drams, which was a measure of the volume of black powder used in a load (basically the amount used). When smokeless powder came along later, both smokeless powder and black powder existed at the same time for a while. A smaller amount of smokeless powder was equal in power to a larger amount of black powder. To keep things simple shells using smokeless powder were referenced to how many drams of black powder would be needed to produce similar results. This continued into modern times. A shell marked 3 1/4 dr eq is roughly equal to a black powder load of 3 1/4 drams. This allows an idea of how much power a shell has regardless of the actual amount of powder that is inside the shell.

What powder is the only powder used in a muzzle loader?

Black powder, or a black powder substitute such as Pyrodex. Smokeless powder (modern gun powder) should not be used in a traditional muzzle loading firearm.

What does the 30 30 mean in ammunition?

.30 caliber bullet, 30 grains of blackpowder when it was originally made. Smokeless powder is now used. Actually the 30-30 began life as the 30 WCF (Winchester Center Fire) aka 30 Winchester Smokeless or 30 SMOKELESS. The second 30 refers to 30 grains of smokeless powder. (30 grains of black powder would have been a pretty whimpy load)

Is it true that if there is more smokeless powder in a bullet and is fired it will make the barrel hotter rather than a bullet with less smokeless powder?

Yes. The more powder the bigger the bang and the faster the bullet moves. The faster the bullet goes, the more heat energy it will generate because of friction, and the initial blast from the powder.

What kind of gun powder does a rifle cartridge use?

Depends on the cartridge, Early cartridges used black powder, Modern cartridges use smokeless powder, based on nitrocellulose and nitroglycerin. There are hundreds of different smokeless powders that have different recipes, grain shapes, and burning rates.

What components are in smokeless powder?

The principal components may be nitrocellulose, nitroglycerine or nitroguanidine.

How did smokeless powder affect the society?

It didn’t affect society. Not all things do.

Witch black powder is better smokless powder or regular black powder?

Black powder and smokeless powder are two totally different animals. For all intents smokeless is meant for loading cartridges and black powder is used for muzzle loading fire arms. Black powder can also be used in cartridge loads. You have heard terms referring to a gun in 45-70 on 38-20 or 44-40 calibers. Those numbers refer to the caliber (45) and the amount of black powder in the cartridge (70 grains) Smokeless powder should NEVER be used in place of black powder in muzzle loaders, or in the same volume as black powder in cartridge loads. So depending on what you are shooting both powders have there place.

Did the model 1897 Winchester pump action shotgun made in 1898 fire a black powder shell?

Yes. the model 1893 was made for black powder. Model 1897's were made for smokeless and replaced the 1893. Both black powder and smokeless were used for many years, side by side. People got smart and started only buying smokeless shells, easy to clean.