What is the z in zomg?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: What is the z in zomg?
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How did zomg start?

Zomg started when someone wanted to say "Omg" but when that person went to press shift, they accidentally pressed "z" instead of shift.

What does ZOMG mean?

When someone missed the shift key on a keyboard and hit Z and it caught on ZOMG!!!And now people have gave it an actual meaning, "Zombies Oh My God"! Where the Zombies came from, we may never know... O_o*But if someone missed the shift key, wouldn't the "Z" be in small letters? "z"? zOMG would be the case!ZOMGOriginally started as an online gamer reaching over and accidentally pushing the Z button, instead of the shift, creating zomg. It means various things.Zombie Oh My GodZoh Em GeeAnd others...***********************************************************************Also a online community site Gaia Online has created.***********************************************************************zOMG is an MMO game created by gaiaonline. It features rings with which you may do battle with the "animated" (garden gnomes, flamingo ornaments, etc). Its whimsical world and anime graphics have given it an amazing level of success, evident with fact that it is #2 on the list of the websites Americans spend the most time at.

When is zomg coming?

it's out

What dose zomg stand for?

well one person accidentally presed z instead of the shift key and then it spread. But people have gave it the meaning ZOMBIES OH MY GOD ( : D )

Is OMG same as ZOMG?

ya zomg "zowie"means woooooowwww like "zowie oh my

Can you get your weapons back in zomg if i salvage it?


How do you get a badge on gaia?

Play Zomg.

Can you get to runescape on Club Penguin?

Zomg no!

How do you unfreeze zomg rings?

Not sure

How do you play zomg on gaia?


Is there any way to erase you're data in zOMG in gaiaonline?

As of now, no. I suggests making a new account just to play zOMG.

How do you get rings from your inventory onto gaia zomg?

It depends. If you bought the zOMG rings off Marketplace, just click zOMG and start your game. Your rings should be in your zOMG inventory automatically. If you want to equip your rings, then simply go to the Null Chamber. They become Soulbound afterwards, so you cannot sell, trade, or gift them once equipped.