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Q: What is theoretically the most defensible method for allocating service division costs?
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What has the author Mary Louise Casey written?

Mary Louise Casey has written: 'Allocating central service and supply costs' -- subject(s): Central service departments, Hospitals

What is a divisionalization?

A person in a managerial role responsible for a part (division) of a company (eg the service division).

What is a divisional manager?

A person in a managerial role responsible for a part (division) of a company (eg the service division).

What is the name of the bureau within the division of motorist service is drivers licenses exiamer located?

Division Of Motor Vehicle

When and where did the secret service division began?

July 5, 1865 D.C.

What is the highest speed available for dail up internet service?

Theoretically the highest speed for dial-up service is 56kbps. But in real life the speeds are usually much much lower.

Is Gatawick Express a division of Southern Trains?

Gatwick Express is a rail passenger service operated by Southern and a division of Southern Trains.

What is horizontal division of labor?

The Horizontal Division of Labour works on the basis of allocating staff resources to areas that require those skills. Furthermore, the division type also clearly specifies different department/branches that exist in an organisation; this can also extend further to project groups.The division of labour also distinguishes between employee units and production line units where the employees use their knowledge and training to coordinate the activities and operations of the production line units, in order to deliver goods and services to the consumer.Generally, the Horizontal Division of Labour works effectively in an organisation such as Tesco, where there is a need for regional managers and its departments to take control of the differences in local markets - using their skills and experience to deliver a quality service to mean that u r sad enough to ask this :P

The Secret Service is a part of what Cabinet department?

Interior The U.S. Secret Service was a division of the Department of the Treasury from its creation on April 14, 1865 until March 1, 2003, and it has been a division of the Department of Homeland Security since then.

Who had coined the term all India service?

Sardhar Patel NOTE : Father of civil service is Cornwallis

What is the telephone number for the Colorado Department of Revenue Taxpayer Service Division?


The software companyyou-flex solution was originally a division of which famous financial service company?