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36x2 + 12x + 1 = (6x + 1)2

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Q: What is thirty-six x squared plus twelve x plus 1 factor out to be?
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Twelve squared plus twelve?


how to factor the problem a cubed minus two a squared plus six a minus twelve?

(a - 2)(a^2 + 6)

Factor x squared y squared plus ay squared plus ab plus bx squared?

(a + x^2)(b + y^2)

Can you factor x squared plus 4x plus 2?


Factor a squared plus 4a plus 4 - b squared?

(a + 2 - b) (a + 2 + b)

Factor 4x squared plus 8xy plus 4y squared?


How do you factor 27q squared plus 39qp plus 14p squared?

(3q + 2p)(9q + 7p)

How do you factor 18x squared plus 9xt plus t squared?

(6x + t)(3x + t)

How do you factor 18x squared yz plus 12xy squared z plus 6xyz squared?

6xyz(3x + 2y + z)

How do you factor 50c squared plus 40cd plus 8d squared?

2(5c + 2d)(5c + 2d)

Factor a cubed plus B-Cubed?

(a+b)(a squared-ab+b squared)

Factor 3ab plus a plus 3b squared plus b?


Factor 9x squared - 6xy plus y squared - 81?

Type your answer here... 81

Factor 25x squared - 10xy plus y squared?


How do you factor x cubed plus 9x squared plus 2x plus 18?

Since the problem has 4 terms, first you factor x cubed plus 9x squared, then you factor 2x plus 18. So when you factor the first two term, you would get x sqaured (x plus 9). Then when you factor the last two terms and you get 2 (x plus 9). Ypure final answer would be (x squared plus 2)(x plus 9)

What is the factor of 30x squared plus 35x squared y plus 40?

5(7x^2y + 6x^2 + 8)

How do you factor 2x squared plus 28xy plus 98y squared?

2x2 + 28xy + 98y2 = 2(x + 7)2.

How do you factor 9x squared plus 12x plus 4 - y squared?

(3x - y+ 2)(3x + y + 2)

Is it possible to factor m squared plus 147m plus 1052?

Not in rational terms.

Factor 2a squared plus 3a plus 1?


How do you simplify X2 plus 2x plus 4?

Factor it out: (x+2) squared

What is a prime factor of two w squared plus four w plus two?

Two is a prime factor of that equation.

Factor X squared y plus axy plus abx plus a squared b?

x2y + axy + abx + a2b Factor by grouping. xy(x + a) + ab(x + a) (xy + ab)(x + a)

Factor 3x squared plus 6xy plus 3y squared?

(3x + 3y)(x + y) = 3(x + y)2

How do you factor 3x squared plus 21x?

It is: 3x*(x+7)