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34/8.5 = 4

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Q: What is thirty four divided by eight and half?
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Is four ninths half of eight eighteenths?

no same half is four eighteenths or eight thirty-sixths

What is 4 divided by a negative half?

Four divided by a negative half is negative eight.

How many minutes in eight thirty second periods?

Thirty seconds is one half minute. Four minutes is the product of eight half minutes (8/2=4).

What is half of thirty-four?


What is half eight in french?

Half of eight is four, and four in french is quatre.

Thirty divided by half then added to ten is what?


What is one half of sixty nine?

Thirty four and a half.

Does four and one third divided by two give you eight and one sixth?

No, 2 and 1/6. Half of four is two.

What is half of three hundred and thirty eight?


What is thirty-seven divided by two?


How can thirteen be half of eight?

it's not. Four is half of eight. And half of eighteen is nine.

What is Four and one half divided by one and four fifths?

It is two and a half.

What is half of eight and a half?

8.5 divided by 2 is 4.25

What is seven and a half divided by four and a half?


What is four divided by one half?

Four divided by a half is one quarter other known as 1⁄4, 0.25 or 25%.

What is the answer to four ninths and one half divided by two and eight ninths?

You just leave it aloneKnow say sorry

What is half a 8?

" Half a eight is 4 [ four ].

What is eight and one half divided by eight?

It is: 8.5/8 = 1.0625

What is thirty two and a half percent divided by 8?

(32.5%) / 8 = 0.040625

What is eight divided by one half?

8 divided by .5 = 16

What is four and a half divided by five and three sixth?

Expressed in lowest terms, four and a half divided by five and three sixths = 9/11

A certain amoeba divides every 10 minutes what is it in half an hour?

After ten minutes, there are now two. After twenty minutes, there are now four. After thirty minutes, there are now eight. In Half an Hour (30 minutes) you have eight amoeba (assuming none die).

What is half four in digital time?

I believe 'half four' is characteristic of British English. There are other ways to say this, eg 4.30 (said as as 'four-thirty').

What is four and one half divided by one and four fifth?


Into what fraction of a page are movie scripts divided into?

Each page is divided into 1/8s. If you fold the page of a script in half (horizontally) four times, it should be divided into eight individual sections of equal length.