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Q: What is thirty percent off three dollars and fifty cents?
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Related questions

What is 1.77 percent of fifty dollars?

89 cents

What is 7 percent of 8 dollars?

Fifty six cents.

What is 10 percent of 12 dollars and fifty cents?


How do you write eleven hundred fifty-four dollars and thirty-four cents?


What is thirty percent of fifty thousand dollars?

.30 x 50000 = 15000

How do you write 359.33 in words?

Three hundred fifty-nine and thirty-three hundredths orfor US dollars, three hundred fifty-nine dollars and thirty-three cents.

How much is thirty percent of two hundred fifty thousand dollars?

Seventy-five thousand dollars.

What is thirty percent of seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars?

The answer is Two hundred and ten thousand dollars.

What is 70 percent off of 5 dollars?

One dollar and fifty cents.

What is 50 percent off of 27 dollars?

50% is a half of 27 dollars, which is $13.50 (thirteen dollars and fifty cents).

How do you fifty cents make two dollars?

Four fifty cents make two dollars.

What is thirty percent of fifty seven thousand dollars?

30/100 * 57,000 = $17,100

How do you spell out 232250.00 dollars?

The currency value $232250.00 is "two hundred thirty-two thousand, two hundred fifty dollars." (and no cents)

How Much is Sims 3 Generations Expansion Pack?

i got it at walmart for about thirty-nine dollars and fifty cents.

How do you spell 250.34 in words?

two hundred and fifty point three four two hundred and fifty dollars thirty-four cents two hundred and fifty and thirty-four hundredths

What is 5550 cents in dollars?

five dollars and fifty five cents.

What is 7 and one half percent of twenty four dollars and fifty cents?

1.8375 ~ $1.84

What is twenty percent of fifty-five dollars with nintey-nine cents?

20% of $55.99 is $11.20

How do you write in words 45734 cents?

You may write it like this: forty-five thousand seven hundred and thirty-four cents. If you convert to dollars, it would look like this: four hundred fifty-seven dollars and thirty-four cents.

How do you fifty cents make 2dollar?

4 fifty cents makes 2 dollars.

How do you spell 188737.50 dollars?

The currency value $188,737.50 is "one hundred eighty-eight thousand, seven hundred thirty-seven dollars and fifty cents."

What is the price of fifteen percent off eight dollars and fifty cents?

The sale price is $7.23 + tax.

What is 75 percent of eight dollars and fifty cents?

75% of $8.50 = $6.38 (rounded).

What's 35 cents multipled by one hundred thousand?

Thirty five cents multiplied by one hundred thousand is 350.00 or three hundred fifty dollars.

How do you spell 52.36?

The number 52.36 is "fifty-two and thirty-six hundredths." (also fifty two point three six) The US currency value $52.36 is "fifty-two dollars and thirty-six cents."

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