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Q: What is three-eights in percentage?
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According to chargaffs rules the percentage of?

The percentage of the nucleotide adenine = the percentage of thymine. The percentage of guanine = the percentage of cytosine.

How do you find a percentage in a percentage?

700 of 320 percentage

What is a ratio number to 100?

A percentage.A percentage.A percentage.A percentage.

Do you say percentage of teachers were or percentage of teachers was?

The percentage of teachers were

What is 27hours as a percentage?

as a percentage of what

What is 0.2 in percentage?

0.2 in percentage is 20%.

What is 76g as a percentage?

as a percentage of what.

What is 41516724 in percentage?

41516724 in percentage = 4151672400%

What is 14.69 as a percentage?

14.69 as a percentage is 1469%.

How is OPS calculated?

OPS stands for 'on base percentage plus slugging percentage' and is equal to (on base percentage + slugging percentage). If a player's on base percentage is .350 and slugging percentage is .500, the OPS is .850.

How do you know downloding percentage'?

I do not know the downloding percentage or even the downloading percentage.

Calculate percentage recovery?

how to calculate percentage recovery? how to calculate percentage recovery?

What is 35 out of 70 as a percentage?

35 out of 70, interms of percentage is 50% percentage..!

What describes annual percentage rate?

An annual percentage rate is the average percentage change over a period of a year. The percentage change is the change divided by the initial value, expressed as a percentage.

What is 28.5 hours as a percentage?

As a percentage of what.

What is percentage 1411092?

what is percentage 1,411,092

What is the percentage of tears?

The percentage of tears is the amount of tears cried in a day in a particular percentage

What is the percentage of men and women being pediatricians?

The percentage of women out njumber the percentage of men.

How do you change a percentage to a decimal?

To go to a decimal from a percentage, divide the percentage value by 100.

What percentage of cgpa7.2?

if its out of 8 then percentage is 90 if its out of 10 then percentage is 72

How do you calculate On Base Plus Slugging percentage?

On base percentage plus slugging percentage

What is the percentage of people on the earth?

There is no percentage. If so, percentage from what? There are a certain amount of people in the world, not percentage, and I don't know that number. Look it up!

what is cgpa to percentage?

cgpa to percentage If you want to convert CGPA into Percentage, We provide the instant CGPA calculator, Our CGPA calculator easy to use for percentage converter.

What is the average on-base percentage and slugging percentage in baseball?

In MLB in the 2009 season, in the National League the average on base percentage was .331 and the average slugging percentage was .409. In the American League, the average on base percentage was .336 and the average slugging percentage was .428.

Is the percentage of gay blacks proportionate to the percentage of gay whites in America?

It's about the same as the percentage of straight blacks to the percentage of straight whites in America.