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1 and 4/10

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Q: What is three and 1 tenth minus 1 and seven tenths?
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What is three tenths minus one fifth?

1 tenth

What is one hundred minus seven tenths?

One hundred minus seven tenths is ninety-nine and three tenths. It is actually a fairly easy problem.

What is seven and three tenth minus four and four tenth?

7 3/10 - 4 4/10 = 2 9/10, or two and nine tenths.

What is three and one fifth minus two and three tenths?

one and one tenth

What is three tenths minus seven tenths in simplest form?


What is forty-seven and seven tenths minus twenty-three and nineteen hundredths?

Get good

What is seven tenth minus three fifths?

one tenth

What is three fifths minus seven tenths?

3/5 = 6/10 so 6/10- 7/10 = -1/10 negative one tenth

What is three fourths minus seven tenths?

3/4 minus 7/10 is 1/20.

What is three sixths minus two sixths?

well three-sixth-two-sixth is one-sixth

What is 20 and four fifths minus 17 and one tenth?

104/5 - 171/10= 208/10 - 171/10 = 37/10 or 3.7 or three and seven tenths

What is four and seven tenths minus three and a half equal?

4.70 - 3.50 = 1.20

What is seven twelfths minus three tenths?

35/60 - 18/60 = 17/60

What is three tenths and five tenths?

three tenth = 3/10 = 0.3 five tenth = 5/10 = 0.5

What Four fifths minus three tenths?


What is three minus seven?

three minus seven is four

What is three fourths minus five tenths?

Three fourths minus five tenths is one fourth.

What is the answer when you subtract nine tenth from three fifth?

3/5 also equals 6/10 or 6 tenths The answer is therefore 6 tenths minus 9 tenths = minus 3 tenths Assuming of course that these portions are from the same object/ number etc. you have 30% less than when you started.

How do you write 3.7 in word form?


What is four tenths one tenth three tenths and seven tenths in order from least to greatest?

As the denominators are the same (they are all 10), they can be ordered by comparing their numerators: 1 < 3 < 4 < 7 → 1/10 < 3/10 < 4/10 < 7/10 ie the order from least to greatest is: one tenth, three tenths, four tenths, seven tenths.

What is nine-tenths minus three-tenths?

Six tenths but then you have to simplify it so then it would be three fifths

What is nine tenths minus three tenths?

6/10 or 3/5

What is three and four tenths minus one and nine tenths?

1 and 1half.

What is five minus one and three tenths?

3 and 7 tenths(3.7)

Which number is bigger three tenths or seven twentieths?

three tenths