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Eight and nineteen twenty-fourths

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Q: What is three and one eight plus five and two thirds?
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What is eight thirds plus five?

7 2/3

Is three plus two five eight?

No, but three plus five is.

What is one and two thirds plus three and two thirds?

five and one third.

What is the value of x if 3ax plus a equals 5a?

Five thirds (five over three)

When adding fractions with the same denominator why do you only add numerators?

Three books plus five books equals eight books. Three bananas plus five bananas equals eight bananas. Three houses plus five houses equals eight houses. Three tenths plus five tenths equals eight tenths.

Eight and five over six plus six and three over eight?

Eight and five over six plus six and three over eight = 365/24 or 155/24

What is three and one seventh plus two and eight ninths?

six and two thirds

What is eight and two thirds plus negative one and three fifths?

who the hell knows

What is three fourths plus five ninths plus two thirds?

71/36 or 1 and 35/36

5over3as a fraction what the answer when putting it in a mixed number?

5/3 (five thirds) = 3/3 + 2/3 (three thirds plus two thirds) 5/3 (five thirds) = 1 2/3 (one and two thirds)

How do you write in words 500000 plus 8000 plus 300 plus 10?

Five hundred eight thousand, three hundred ten

What is three forty five plus 4 hours and 15 minutes?


What is two thirds plus one?

Five thirds, or one and a third.

What is a reasonable estimate for the sum of four and one eighth plus three and two thirds plus five and one half?


What is two thirds plus one third plus one third?

Three thirds

What is five thirds plus two?


What is four in a half plus three and five six?

"What is four and a half plus three and five sixths": Eight and one third (8 1/3)

What do four and seven eigths plus three and three fourths equal?

eight and five eighths

What five eights plus two thirds minus one fourth?

Five eights plus two thirds minus one fourth is equal to 1.04

What is forty-five plus seventy-eight?

One hundred twenty three is the answer (123).

What is three plus one and two thirds?

4 and two thirds 4 and two thirds

Two and two thirds plus two and two thirds equal?

five and one third

What is three over eight plus one over four equals?

Five over eight. 5/8

What is 2 thirds plus 2 ninths?

Eight ninths

What is six and eight ninths plus five and three eighths?

12 19/72