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3/6 = 0.5

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Q: What is three divided by six equal?
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How many yards are in 36ft?

a yard is equal to three feet, thirty-six divided by three is twelve. twelve yards in thirty-six feet

What is 3 and 18 divided by 6?

Three divided by six is a half and eighteen divided by six is three

What is six halves divided by three?

Six of anything divided by three is two of the same thing.

What is six divided by three fifths equal?

6 / (3/5) = 6 * (5/3) = 10

What is three hundred and forty two divided by six?

Three hundred forty two divided by six is fifty-seven.

Fifty-four divided by six equal negative nine?

Fifty-four divided by six is equal to positive nine because fifty-four and six are both positive numbers.

What is negative six sevenths divided by three?

-6/7 divided by three is -0.285714285714

What does thirty-six divided by five equal?

36 divided by 5 is 7.2

What is six divided by three quarters?

6 divided by 3/4 is 8.

What is thirty six divided by six in decimal equal?

36/6= 6.00

What is sixty three thousand two hundred ninety nine divided twelve equal?

Sixty three thousand, two hundred and ninty-nine divided by twelve is equal to five thousand, two hundred and seventy-four point nine one six six. This and other math questions are simple to solve with a calculator.

What is eighteen divided by three?


What does three plus three equal?


What is divided into six equal parts?

it equals 2

How do you get three fives to equal six using only addition subtraction multiplication and division?

5 divided by 5, plus 5

What is 6 divided by 1 over 2?

Six divided by a half is the same as six multiplied by two, hence, equal to twelve.

What is nine divided by six times three times eighteen minus fifty divided by five?

Nine divided by six times three times eighteen minus fifty divided by five = 71

What is thirty six divided by twelve?


What is six divided by negative three?


What is three divided by thirteen equal?

3 divided by 13 is 0.230769230769

What is 9 times 4 divided by 3 divided by 2?

Six because nine times four is 36 divided by three is 12 divided by two is six.

What is six and three fourths divided by 6 equal to?

6 + 3/4 /6 = 1 3/24 = 1 and 1/8

What is seven divided by six equal?

11/6 or 1.1666...

What does eight divided by twelve multiplyed by six equal?


What does minus six divided by minus two equal?