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3/(1/2) = 3*2 = 6

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Q: What is three divided by the fraction one over two?
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What fraction of three is one?

3/3 or 3 over 3, or 3 divided by 3 is one.One is a third of three

What is thirteen over three divided by eight over three?

To divide one fraction by another, you multiply the first fraction by the reciprocal of the second - that is, you exchange numerator and denominator in the second fraction, then multiply. Therefore, 13/3 divided by 8/3 is the same as 13/3 times 3/8.

What is the fraction to three and two thirds divided by one third?

Three and two thirds divided by one third = 11/1 or 11

What is the answer to two over three divided by one over three?


What is one over three divided by one over six?

One over three (1/3) when divided by one over six(1/6) become 2 as it is nothing but six divided by threeWhat really happens is when you divide fractions, you invert the second fraction in the equation, and then you multiply the whole equation for example.....1/3 / 1/6 = it becomes 1/3 x 6/1 = you multiply 1x6= 6 and 3x1=3. Now you have an improper fraction 6/3 that can be reduced to 2.

What is one half divided by three as a fraction?

1/2 ÷ 3 = 1/6

What is The Equivalent fraction to one hundred one?

It is the fraction 101/1 (one hundred one over one, i.e., one hundred one divided by one).

What is 83 and one third as a fraction?

83 1/3 (eighty-three and one over three) improper fraction: 249/3 (two hundred forty-nine over three)

What does 3 equal in fractions?

Three in fraction form is three over one.

What is 5 divided by 3 in the form of a fraction?


What is a fraction divided by one?

The same fraction.

What fraction is equivalent to 16 over 48?

equivalent fraction of 16 over 48 = 8/24

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