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2 halves

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Q: What is three fifths is blank pieces of the whole?
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How many pieces are in three-fifths of a whole?

Three fifths of a piece.

How much is three fifths as a whole number?

Three Fifths is not a whole number it's only 60% of a whole.

What is three-fifths as a whole number?

Three-fifths is a fraction and there is no sensible way to represent it as a whole number. The whole part of it is 0.

What is the answer for two wholes minus three fifths?

One whole and two fifths

What needs to be added to three fifths to get one whole?

Two fifths, this is because 5 fifths is the whole and if you already have 3 fifths you just need 2 more to make 5.

What is three fifths to the nearest whole number?

It is 1.

What is one whole minus two fifth?

One whole minus two fifths is three fifths.

What does three and two fifths round to?

To the nearest whole number: 3

Is three-fifths closer to zero or one whole?

closer to one

Is negative three fifths an integer?

No because an integer is a whole number

How many pieces is three fifth to a whole?

Three pieces out of five equal parts.

If 15 couters are the whole set how many are three-fifths of the set?