What is three fifths reduced?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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the same thing three fifths

i agree it is already simplified

-random chick

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Q: What is three fifths reduced?
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What is the fraction 27over45 in lowest terms?

it is reduced my 3 to three fifths

What is the answer to 3 and 8 tenths reduced to simplest form?

Three and four fifths

What is four fifths reduced?

4/5 is in reduced form

What is one half of three fifths reduced?

1/2 x 3/5 = 3/10 or 0.3

What is one minus two fifths?

minus three fifths

What is sixteen and 1 fifths times five and two fifths?

ninety and two fifths reduced not reduced:ninety and six tenths

What is 60 percent as a reduced fraction?

Expressed as an improper fraction in its simplest form, 60% is equal to 3/5, or three fifths.

What is four fifths minus one fifth?

Assuming that you mean "fifths", the answer is three fifths.

What is 3 and 2 fifths divided by three fifths?

Three and 2 fifths divided by three fifths = 17/3 or 52/3

Why did the three fifths compromise state?

Southern states did not like the Three-Fifths Compromise because it reduced the size of their population counted for representation in Congress. Every five slaves would only count as three people when it came time to elect the members of the House of Representatives.

What is nine and one fifths minus two and three fifths?

six and three fifths

What is 12 over 15 reduced?

four fifths