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Q: What is three fourth of one third?
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Related questions

What is three fourths of one third?

Three-fourths of one-third is one-fourth ( 1/4 ).

What one third of three and three fourth?

One third of 3 3/4 is 1 1/4

What is one and one third minus three-fourth?


What is one third times three fourths?

one fourth

Is one third smaller than one fourth?

Nope, one third means one out of three which is bigger than one fourth which means one out of four.

What isone and three fourth subtracted by one third?


One-twelfth plus one-fourth?

One fourth is three twelfths. So one twelfth plus three twelfths is four twelfths, which is also one third.

What is six and one fourth subtraced by three and and one third?


What is three and one third plus four and one fourth?

7 and 7/12

Is one third equivalent to one fourth?

No, one third is more than one fourth

What is one third-one fourth?

if you're asking what is one third of one fourth, then it's one third times one fourth. you multiply the numerators and you multiply the denominators and you get one twelfth.

What is three fourth plus one third?

three fourths plus one third is 13 over 12. But if want to put it into a mixed number it is 11/12.

How much larger is one fourth than one third?

a fourth is 8% smaller then a third

What is more one half one third or one fourth?

The answer is one-half. It is twice as much as one-fourth. Consider one as a whole. If you divide it into two parts, you will get one half (1/2), if into three parts, you will get 1/3 (one-third), if into 4 parts, you will get 1/4 (one-fourth).

What is 1 and one half plus two and one third plus three and one fourth?

Seven and one twelfth

What is one-fourth of three?

One fourth of three is three quarters (3/4).

What is one third divided by three fourth?

1/3 ÷ 3/4 = 4/9

What is the order from least to greatest of three fifths one fourth and one third?


How much is one third of one and three fourth pounds of flour?

It would 7/12 lbs of flour.

What is five one third times one-fourth?

It is one and one third.

How do you get the answer to one fourth of one and one third?

Just multiply one third by .25, since .25 is another way to put one fourth.

What is One fourth plus one fourth plus one fourth equal to?

three fourths

What is the value of three to the fourth power?

34 = 81 , no, that would be three to the third, three to the fourth would be 81 X 3 = 243

What if a product is two for one but you want three how much money will the third cost?

The full value. But you can get a fourth one free.

What is eight and one third minus three and one fourth?

Find the common denominator then make it into improper faction and subtract