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Three over eight as a decimal is 0.375

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Q: What is three over eight as a decimal?
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What is eight over three in decimal?


What is eight over three written as a decimal?

2.6666 repeating

What is the fraction eight over thirty three as a decimal?


How would the fraction 3 over 8 look as a decimal?

Three over eight (⅜) = 0.375

What is the answer when you change one over eight to a decimal?

one over eight to a decimal = 0.125

How do you write seventy-eight and three thousandths in decimal form?

Seventy-eight and three thousandths in decimal form is 78.003

What is the decimal for three eight?

⅜ = 0.375

What is eight thousand three hundred twenty one over one hundred equal as a decimal?


How do you Convert three eighths into a decimal?

You can convert three eighths into a decimal by diving the three by the eight, which is 0.375

How you write decimal 8.00 in word?

Eight, accurate to two decimal places or eight to three significant figures.

What is three and five eight as a decimal?


What is three and five-eight as a decimal?