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Q: What is three quarters of twelve?
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How much greater is three quarters of twelve than two thirds of twelve?

One. As three quarters of twelve is 9, and two thirds of twelve is 8. :-)

What is three quarters of twelve point four?

75 cents

How many ounces are in three quarters of a pound?

Twelve ounces.

How much is 12 quarters?

Twelve quarters equals three 'wholes', or three units, or three dollars if you are talking about US currency.

What is three quarters added to one sixth?

Eleven upon twelve

How many sixteenth-inches are in three-quarters inches?

3/4 = 12/16, so there are twelve sixteenth-inches in three-quarters of an inch.

When was The Wind's Twelve Quarters created?

The Wind's Twelve Quarters was created in 1975.

What is the ISBN of The Wind's Twelve Quarters?

The ISBN of The Wind's Twelve Quarters is 0060125624.

How many pages does The Wind's Twelve Quarters have?

The Wind's Twelve Quarters has 303 pages.

How many quarters are in three quarters?

There are three quarters in three quarters.

What is the lowest common denominator for three quarters and two thirds?

The lowest common denominator would be twelve!

Which fraction is bigger three quarters or twelve sixteenths?

The two fractions are both equivalent to each other.

Is three quarters the same as twelve twentfouth?

No because 3/4 = 0.75 and 12/24 = 0.5

How many inches are in three-fourths?

That depends what it is three quarters of. If it is three quarters of a foot, there are 9 inches. If it is three quarters of an inch, it is three quarters of an inch.

Is two quarters more than three quarters?

No, three quarters is more than two quarters.

How do you work out one third plus three quarters?

You turn the denominator into the same value so four times three would be twelve so you multiplied the three by four so you times the one by four and then you multiplied the four by three so you would times the three by three so the answer would be 13 over twelve

What is the word for three quarters of a circle?

Three quarters of a circle !

What is greater three fourths or one half?

Three fourths is three quarters One half is two quarters. Three quarters is greater than two quarters.

How long is a quarter in the NBA?

The quarters in NBA games are twelve minutes long, and there are four quarters in a game.

How many quarters in five three quarters?

Assuming the question refers to 5 and three quarters, there are 20 quarters in 5 and three more so 23.

How many quarters in two and three quarters?

11 quarters

How many quarters are in 5 and three quarters?

23 quarters

What is three quarters add three quarters?

1 1/2

What fraction is bigger. Two thirds or three quarters?

three quarters

Is 12 quarts greater than 3 gallons?

No, they are equal. For quarts (or quarters) in a gallon, three gallons x four quarts = twelve quarts