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and your mom

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Q: What is three sevenths chicken two thirds cat and half a goat?
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What is three sevenths chicken two thirds cat and half goat?

Chicago ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3/7 chicken (chi) 2/3 cat (ca) 1/2 goat (go) which makes Chicago

List three farm animals that the pilgrims had at Plymouth?

chicken pig goat

Examples of Industrial market?

business to busoness from chicken to chicken goat to goat

What were 3 animals that the Greeks raised?

the three animals they raised was chicken , cow, and goat

Is goat beef or pork or chicken?

No goat meat is goat otherwise known as chevon or capretto.

What did the goat say to the chicken?


Do Haitians eat goat?

Yes Haitians eat goat, chicken and fish

Are chicken and goat kosher?


What do you get when you cross a chicken and a goat?

A coat!

What is Evanescence least favorite food?

meringue chicken with goat sauteed goat meat

How do you call the home of goat?

A chicken coop

Will a goat eat a dead chicken?

No as they are herbivores

What is a small farm animal?

A banty chicken or a pygmy goat.

What meat do people like to eat in Sudan?

Goat and chicken

What meat is in Italy?

beef pork chicken goat fish

What foods are fried in Trinidad?

Frog, chicken goat, etc.

What billy goat is the largest in the story three billygoats gruff?

the biggest billy goat in the three billy goats gruff is great big billy goat gruff

What creature was defeated by the three billy goat gruffs?

The troll was defeated by the three billy goat gruffs! :P

Did Baba Yaga's house have goat legs frog legs chicken wings or chicken legs?

Baba Yaga's house have 2 chicken legs

What food did grendal eat?

sheep,cow,goat,chicken,pigand sometime human

Would a goat eat a chicken?

No goats are herbivores and eat vegetation.

Is chicken apple arugula goat cheese salad a Chinese dish?


List of animals that kill livestock?

Livestock predator Livestock *Fox*Chicken,duck and goose *Weasel*Chicken,eggs * Wolf*Cow,goat,horse,sheep * Coyote* Goat,chicken, * Raccoon* Chicken,Eggs *Opossum*Eggs,chicken *Skunk* Eggs,chicken

What rhymes with the phrase true words?

Blue birds, goat herds, computer nerd, two thirds, unheard.

What type of meats are in Costa Rica?

Chicken,cow,snake meat and goat.

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