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Q: What is three sevenths of ninety?
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Related questions

What is ninety-eight sevenths in a mixed number?

Ninety-eight sevenths equates to the whole number: 14

What is larger Three sevenths or one third?

Three sevenths is .4286, one third is .3333, three sevenths is larger.

What is five sevenths of ninety one?

two and 3 fifths

What is the quotient of three sevenths?

The quotient of three sevenths is 3/7

What is the fraction of three sevenths?

The fraction of three sevenths is 3/7.

What is one fourteenth times three sevenths?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 1/14 x 3/7 = 3/98 or three ninety-eighths.

What is two sevenths of ninety one?

It is: 2/7 of 91 = 26

What is four and three sevenths minus two and five sevenths?

one and five sevenths

What is three sevenths plus two sevenths in fractions?

5/7 ; five sevenths

How much less than one is thee sevenths?

Answer: four-sevenths. One minus three-sevenths is four sevenths

How do you spell 93?

The number 93 is spelled "ninety-three."ninety-threeninety-threeNinety-three

What is four times three sevenths?

it is 1 and 5 sevenths

What is two sevenths plus three sevenths?

five seventh

What is two and three sevenths plus one and four sevenths?

The answer to this question is three and 4 ones.

What is four sevenths plus six sevenths?

Ten sevenths or one and three sevenths

What is the answer to seven and three thirds x six sevenths?

6 and six sevenths

What is two thirds minus three sevenths?

Four sevenths of two thirds

What is three divided by three sevenths?


When was Ninety-Three created?

Ninety-Three was created in 1874.

What is three sevenths divided by four sevenths?

To divide by a fraction, multiply by its reciprocal. In this instance, 3/7 / 4/7 = 3/7 x 7/4 = 21/28 = 3/4. Therefore, three sevenths divided by four sevenths is equal to three quarters.

What is three and four sevenths in an improper fraction?

Three and four sevenths in an improper fraction is 17857/5000

Which is bigger two sevenths or three sevenths?

Three of anything is generally bigger than two of the same thing.

Is three fifths greater Or less than or equal to six sevenths?

three fifths is less than six sevenths

What is sixth sevenths divided by three sevenths?

6/7 ÷ 3/7 = 2

Is three sevenths and two fifths equal?

no...three sevenths is equal to 15/35 and two fifths is equal to 14/35.

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