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Q: What is three sixths equal to?
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Related questions

Is three fifths two sixths?

No three fifths is not equal to two sixths

How many sixths equal three thirds?


Is four eighths equal to three sixths?


How many sixths equal two fourths?

Three of them.

Five sixths is equal to what decimal?

The fraction five-sixths would be equal to the decimal zero point eight three three three. If written numerical it would look like this 5/16=0.8333.

Is three quarters equal to five sixths?

No - if the fraction were to have a denominator of 6, then 3/4 would be equal to 4.5/6 or four and a half sixths.

How does one half plus one third equal five sixths?

One half is three sixths and one-third is two sixths. 3+2=5

Is three sixths less than one half?

They are equal.

Is one equal three sixths?

No because 3/6 is equal to 1/2

Is one sixth greater than less than or equal to one sixths?

Is is one sixth greater than less than or equal to three sixths

Is two sixths equal to one fourth?

two sixths is not equal to 1/4, two sixths is equal to 1/3

Why is four eight equal to one half?

Because its three sixths

What does five sixths times three fourths equal?

five eighths

What does five sixths minus three eights equal?


What faction is equal to one half and has a denominator of 6?

three sixths

How do you write eight and five sixths as an improper fraction?

Expressed as an improper fraction, this is equal to 53/6 or fifty-three sixths.

How many sixths would equal five-tenths?

five-tenths = 1/2 therefore, three-sixths = five-tenths

Is three thirds equivalent to six sixths?

Yes. The both equal 1.

Is four sixths greater than three sixths?

yes. four sixths i2 greater than three sixths

What does eight-fifths equal to sixths what?

8/5 does not equal any sensible number of sixths. It is 9.6 sixths.

How many sixths does five and three sixths have?

33 sixths

Which of these fraction is equivalent three sixths fore sixths two sixths?

It is two sixths

Is one third equal to three sixths?

No because 3/6 = 1/2

Is two fourths equal to three sixths? know if it is equal use cross multiplication..if the answer is the same as the product of the denominetor to the numerator,it is equal

How many sixths equal sixth thirty sixths?

1/6 is equal to 6/36.

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