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Three times five equal 15 all u need to do is count by five 5,10,15

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Q: What is three times five equal?
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What is eight times twenty five times twenty three?

Eight times twenty-five times twenty-three is equal to 4,600.

Three times five equal what is the answer?


What does five sixths times three fourths equal?

five eighths

What two numbers multiplied equal 165?

Five times thirty-three is equal to 165.

'what does five times five times five times fives times five equal?

5*5*5*5*5 = 55 = 3125

What is five times three less than a number?

Expressed algebraically, this is equal to 5(x - 3).

Does sixty-five times three and a half equal three-hundred?

No, 65 multiplied by 3.5 is 227.5

What is five ninths times three fifths?

Five ninths times three fifths is one third.

What is Nine less than five times a number is equal to -29?

Nine less than five times a number is equal to -30

What is the number Five more than three times a number is three less than five times the number?

Five (5) more than (+) three times a number (3x) is (=) five times the number (5x) less (-) three (3) 5 + 3x = 5x - 3 x = 4

9 plus eight times seven minus 6 times five plus four times three plus two to equal 105?

Nope, it's 49.

Is 0.375 equal to five eights?

No. It's equal to three eighths.

What is 5 times 7 equal?

Five times seven equals thirty - five.

What does 0.83333333333 times five equal?


What is five and three fourths and six and three fourth equal?


What is 9 minus five plus five times zero plus three?


The sum of two numbers is fifteen. Three less than five times the smaller is equal to the larger.?

The numbers are: 3 and 12

Why is five and five and five is three?

Because you counted five three times. Anyway,5+5+5 is not three so , yeah.

Eight minus two and three eights equal?

Five and five-eighths

Would five times x times two times y divided by five cancel the fives?

it would equal 2xy

What is four point five times zero point five equal?


What does Two times five x plus five times two x equal?

10x + 10x = 20x

What times five equal 100?

what times five that give you 100 is 10 because 5*10 -100

What are two numbers that their LCM is two times five times three times three?

9 and 10

What is three fourths times one third times five sixths?

Five twenty-fourths