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18+35 = 53

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Q: What is three times six added to seven times five?
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What is three times two added to six times five?

It is (3*2)+(6*5) = 36

What is two over three times five over seven?


In five years time you will be three times as old as you were three years ago how old are you now?


When this number is added to ten the sum is three times the original number What is the original number?


What is three over five times three over seven?

3/5 x 3/7 is 9/35

What is three over five times four over seven?

12 over 35 and then siplify

What is the answer for five out of seven times two out of seven?

Five out of seven times two out of seven = 5/7 x 2/7 = 10/49

What is Five over eleven times seven times seven?


Eighty-seven decreased by three times a number is greater than one hundred sixty-five?

x > -26

What is seven and two thirds minus three and five six?

three and five sixths

How do you write six crore seven lakh five thousand three?

six crore seven lakh five thousand three

What is eight times twenty five times twenty three?

Eight times twenty-five times twenty-three is equal to 4,600.

What is five ninths times three fifths?

Five ninths times three fifths is one third.

What is three times five equal?

Three times five equal 15 all u need to do is count by five 5,10,15

What is 5 times 7 equal?

Five times seven equals thirty - five.

How do you write in words 3.375?

three point three seven five three and three hundred and seventy-five thousandths three and three-eighths

What is thirteen minus five and three eighths?

seven and five eights

How do you write 5.753 in words?

five point seven five three

How to divde whole numbers and fractions?

ok...if you want to divide two by eight...what is half of eight...the answer is four....and to divide fractions you do this for example it is : 3/4 divided by 5/7 ... you switch the five and seven so the seven is on the top and five on the bottom, and then you multiply by doing three times five and four times seven ...and u get a fraction..

Why is five and five and five is three?

Because you counted five three times. Anyway,5+5+5 is not three so , yeah.

How many times does five go into seven?

1.4 times

9 plus eight times seven minus 6 times five plus four times three plus two to equal 105?

Nope, it's 49.

What is the number Five more than three times a number is three less than five times the number?

Five (5) more than (+) three times a number (3x) is (=) five times the number (5x) less (-) three (3) 5 + 3x = 5x - 3 x = 4

What is negative seven times five?


What is 795345365?

seven hundred ninety five million three hundred forty five thousand three hundred sixty five