What is trough cross bedding?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Where only one of both bounding surfaces are curved.

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Q: What is trough cross bedding?
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What is trough cross-bedding?

A common variety of cross bedding. Generally at a relatively low angle it resembles scooped grooves. It is formed by sand dune migration (large or small scale)

What is planar bedding and cross bedding?

In planer bedding Surfaces are without cross lines, but cross-bedding is inclined.

Cross-bedding is a feature of?


Distinguish between cross bedding and graded bedding?

bodo nye kamu ni

Whats the difference in graded bedding and cross bedding?

Surfaces between layers of sediments (bedding planes) are usually deposited in horizontal sheets, but cross-bedding is inclined. Graded beds are horizontal and are usually sorted from coarse at the bottom to fine at the top.

Cross-bedding is a feature of and sand dunes?


Formula for volume of a trapezoidal trough?

The answer depends on what you mean by a trapezoidal trough. Is it a trough whose cross-section is a rectangle at any height but which increases linearly with the height or is it a trough whose base and each face is a trapezium.

What is a example of a trapezoid?

Cross-section of a trough, a wheelbarrow, some rooves.

Is it possible for a layer of cross bedding strata show graded bedding as well?

Absolutely: there are many possibilities. The only issue is that as the cross-bedding is often not on a massive scale, this may cause graded bedding to become unnoticeable. It is clearer in a rock with only graded bedding. As the beds are often quite shallow, grading is often unnoticeable, yet it still may exist on a slight scale.

What is the formula for the volume of water held in a semicircular trough?

To calculate the volume of water in a semicircular trough, one should figure out the area of the cross section (the semicircle) first. Then, this number should be multiplied by the length of the trough.

Compare and contrast graded bedding and cross-bedding?

Cross-Bedding is a feature that occurs at various scales, and is observed in conglomerates and sandstones. It reflects the transport of gravel and sand by currents that flow over the sediment surface (e.g. in a river channel). sand in river channels or coastal environments. Graded Bedding means that the grain size within a bed decreases upwards.

What are An upward decrease in grain size in a single bed is known as?

Cross bedding