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Q: What is true about two quantities that are directly proportional to one another?
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Is it true or false The strength of an electrical signal is directly proportional to to its frequency?


What is true about the tempeature of a gas?

Lots of things are true... Here are some:* For constant pressure, the volume of an ideal gas is directly proportional to the absolute temperature. * For constant volume, the pressure of an ideal gas is directly proportional to the absolute temperature.

How do you prove that x and y are directly proportional with the equation Y equals 8X-3?


Is it true that the angle of the dangle is directly proportional to the mass of the ass times the thrust of the bust?


Is volume occupied by one mole of a gas dependent on the molar mass of the gas?

No. The number of moles is proportional to the volume in any conditions.

Is it true that the greater the earths mass the greatest its gravity?

It is true that mass and gravity are proportional to one another.

Waves with the longest wavelengths have the lowest frequencies true of false?

Trick question. Wavelength is not directly or indirectly proportional to frequency.

True or false Is an object's potential energy directly proportional to an object's mass?

Yes, PE=Mgh M=mass g=9.81 H=Height

Is it true that the graph of a proportional relationship does not include the origin?

It is true in the case of inversely proportional relationship.

Inversely Proportional indirect Some things are not always directly proportional. If as one fact increases another number fact decreases at a constant rate then the numbers are said to be inversely pr?

if two same charg are bring to each other in some force they are repell,it is called inversely is true or not?give a correect answer

What is true about ratios for proportional relationships that is not true about ratios for other relationships?

For proportional relationships the ratio is a constant.

True or false federal income tax is proportional?