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Logical topologies consist of virtual connections between nodes.

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Q: What is true concerning physical and logical topologies?
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Logical connectivity problems often prove more difficult to isolate and resolve than physical connectivity problems?


Is Documenting and capturing an accurate picture of a networks physical and logical elements initial steps in understanding the network?

True. or Yes.

Which address is more important the physical address or the logical address?

In the 8086/8088 the physical address and logical address have the same importance, because they both relate to the address of the operand. It is true that the offset (logical) address is added to the segment address to determine the physical address, but the limitations of the architecture of the processor forces programmers to consider both.If you are talking about a virtual environment, however, such as in the 80286 or higher, then the logical address is more important than the physical address, because the logical address is the address of the operand, while the physical address is (somewhat) arbitrarily assigned by the operating system.

What is true of hybrid mesh topologies?

-Media segment failure does not affect the whole network -They can be implemented on internetworks using routers -They combine a mesh topology with earlier the bus, star, or ring topologies -They are used on the internet

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Logical functions are ones used for making comparisons and then using these to get the spreadsheet to do calculations. Logical functions result in TRUE or FALSE values. Some of the logical functions include: IF TRUE AND OR NOT FALSE

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A logical or boolean function is one that works with logical or boolean values - values that can only be either true, or false.

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A logical argument in which each statement is backed up by a statement that is accepted as true is a proof.

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Theorems, corollaries, and postulates.

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