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Truncation is an operation whereby a long decimal representation of a number is stopped after a given number of digits, taking no account of the digit which follows. This is different from rounding where the final digit retained may be increased by 1 if the following digits make a number which is greater than half a unit.

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Q: What is truncation?
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What is meant by truncation?

To shortenThe term truncation means shortness or cut off. An example of truncation is when a meeting or any scheduled convention has to be cut short for any reason.

What is truncation searching?

Truncation is a search method that allows you to find documents containing variations on a search term. To do a truncation search, type the first few letters (stem) of the keyword followed by an asterisk (*).

What is implied by truncation?

Truncation is used after the base or root of a word in order to include all the extensions of that particular word

What is cheque truncation?

A cheque is a money order A truncation is something that is cut short. The two words together make no sense.

How do you calculate truncation error?

The truncation error is the difference between two sides of an equation. Each side has an error value which can be compared.

What is truncation on a 1971 dollar coin?

For any coin, it's the sharply cut off bottom edge of a portrait or bust. The coin engraver's initials are often found on the truncation.

What is truncation of cheques?

Cheque truncation (check truncation in American English) is when a physical (paper) cheque is converted into an electronic form for transmission to the paying bank over the internet. This basically avoids having to physically move the cheque between banks, etc.

What is a search technique that makes use of wildcards to locate words with various endings?


What is 1993.3745 rounded to the nearest tenth?

1993.3745 0000.0500 _________ 1993.4245 _________ After truncation the answer is 1993.4

What method of search would you use if you wanted to turn out all variations of a particular word?


What are the types of scalar quantization?

There are two types of quantization .They are, 1. Truncation. 2.Round off.

How do you spell hatin?

The informal English truncation hatin' is properly spelled hating (loathing, abhoring).

Was ist eine Abtragungs gebiet?

Das (ein) Abtragungsgebiet = region of deudation, area of truncation, oldland

What is an effective truncation method for searching the internet?

The method of truncation is the adding of an asterisk in between two words that are being searched. This addition cues the search engine to pull up all variations of the two words even if other words appear between the two.

How many faces vertices's and edges do a truncated octahedron have?

The answer will depend on how many corners have been cut off in the truncation process.

How do you spell numomonultramicroscopiclilaco-valcanoconiosous?

The correct spelling of the 45-letter word ispneumonoultramicroscopic-silicovolcanoconiosis (hyphen added to prevent truncation).

What has the author Markus Banagl written?

Markus Banagl has written: 'Intersection spaces, spatial homology truncation, and string theory'

What bank sort code is this 80-11-55?

This sort code belongs to Bank of Scotland. The code is assigned to the Truncation Centre branch.

What is the abbreviation for madame?

"Mme." is the abbreviation for "madame". That is correct except for the period. In French, an abbreviation will have a period only when it is a truncation of the word. In the case of madame, it is the first and 2 last letters, therefore no period."Mme." is the abbreviation for "madame".That is correct except for the period. In French, an abbreviation will have a period only when it is a truncation of the word. In the case of madame, it is the first and 2 last letters, therefore no period. ''Mme''In French, an abbreviation will have a period only when it is a truncation of the word. In the case of madame, it is the first and 2 last letters, therefore no period. Therefore, the abbreviation of madame would be Mme.

In what year was the word blog created?

The term blog was coined in 1999 by Peter Merholz. It was a play on the 1997 term weblog, which is a truncation of web log.

When you assign the value 5.628 into a float variable how can you avoid getting the decimal truncation warning?

When assigning a literal value, such as 5.628, to a float variable, you can avoid the decimal truncation warning by either using the float form of the constant (float var = 5.628f), typecasting the assignment (float var = (float) 5.628), or by making the variable double (double var = 5.628).

What does the acronym BLOG stand for?

Blog is not an acronym, but a truncation. It is shortened from the term "web log" formed from the last letter of the first word and the entire last word.

What is a typical method for word searching in a hypermedia system?

-Categorical search -Word relationship -Adjacency -Alternates -Association -Negation -Truncation -Intermediate words -Frequency

What has the author Dolores S Wilden written?

Dolores S. Wilden has written: 'A theoretical model for check truncation' -- subject(s): Electronic funds transfers, Checks

How can you search for data in a database?

There are numerous ways to search for the data in a database. The most common way to search is with keywords. Other options include truncation, nesting, and stop words.