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Twelve divided by four is three. Think of times tables. Four multiplied by three is twelve so do it backwards to find the division.

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Q: What is twelve divided by four?
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What is one third of twelve and why?

One third of twelve is four because twelve divided by three equals four.

What number is multiplied by eight and divided by four to get twelve?


What does eight divided by twelve multiplyed by six equal?


What is 12 divided by 34?


What does the four represent in twelve divided by 3?

The quotient. It means that 12 can be divided into 4 lots of 3.

How do you turn 12 over 4 into a whole number?

Twelve over four is the same thing as twelve divided by four. This equals 3.

What is four hundred seventy three billion four hundred eighty eight million divided by twelve?

473,488,000,000 divided by 12 is 39,457,333,333.33... (repeating forever)

What is twelve divided by four hundred eighty eight?

12 / 488 = 0.02459

What is four divided by twelve?

1/3 One third

What is 12 divided by 403 with work?


Eighty two thousand four hundred thirty two divided by twelve?


What is twelve divided by twelve?

the answer is 1.

What is twelve divided by two?

twelve divided by two is 6

What is 88 divided by 19?


If a triangle has a base of 12 centimeters and an area of 48 centimaters square what is the height of the triangle?

Four because forty eight divided by twelve is four.

What is 412 divided by 8?


What is the current if a 12 volt battery is connected across a 4 ohm resistor?

In amps it is twelve divided by four.

12.54 in word form?


Does twelve divided by minus four equal three?

No, 12/-4 = -3 A negative times negative is positive, so positive divided by negative is a negative.

How many thirds are in 12 inches?

Twelve inches can be divided into three thirds of four inches each. Additionally, the value 1/3 can fit into twelve inches exactly 36 times.

What is 60 divided by 5?


Is there anything seven and twelve can both be divided by?

84 Seven and twelve cannot be divided by WHOLE numbers, but CAN be divided by FRACTIONS.

What is the answer of 4 over 12 in lowest term?

Let's work this out together: 4/12 = (4/4 = 1) / (12/4 = 3) = 1/3 In word form, four-twelfths equals four divided by four (one), divided by twelve divided by four (three), leaving one-third.

What is twelve divided by four and eight ninths?

12/4 8/9 = 2 2/3 or two and two thirds.

How many feet high is a 24 inch bar stool?

A twenty-four inch bar stool would be equivalent to two feet as twelve inches are in one foot. Therefore twenty-four divided by twelve is two. 24 inches = 2 feet.