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Q: What is twelve greater than a number is 158?
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Is 185 less than or greater than 158?

I think 1is is gr than 15.8

Who said A greater power than you can contradict?

Friar Lawrence (V, iii, 158)

Is the number 158 prime or composite?

158 is an even number and 2 divides into all even numbers. Since 158 is even, it is a composite number.

What number is 37 percent of 158?

37% or 0.37*158 = 58.46

What are the multiples of 158?

There are an infinite number, corresponding to the products of every whole number to infinity and 158.

What is the absolute value of -158?

The absolute value of any number is its distance from neutral 0. With that in mind, the absolute value of -158 is 158.

What kind of Pokemon is number 158 and 159 emerald?

According to the Hoenn Pokedex, number 158 is Psyduck and 159 is Golduck.

What is 158 divisible by?

Every number is divisible by any non-zero number.The prime factorisation is 158 = 2*79.

What number goes into158 evenly?

The factors of 158 are 1, 2, 79, and 158.

What are the factors and prime factors of 158?

158 is a composite number because it has factors other than 1 and itself. It is not a prime number. The 4 factors of 158 are 1, 2, 79, and 158. The prime factors of 158 are 2 and 79. The prime factorization of 158 is 2 x 79. NOTE: There cannot be common factors, a greatest common factor, or a least common multiple because "common" refers to factors or multiples that two or more numbers have in common.

How do you arrange the numbers 518 to form the smallest natural number?


What is 158 over 4 as a mixed number in simplest terms?

158 over 4 as a mixed number in simplest terms = 391/2

What is the percent of 200 to 158?

200 is 26.58% more than 158. (rounded)

What is the percent of change 158 to 200?

200 is 26.582% more than 158.

What is the prime factor of 158?

In order to find the prime factors of a number, you first divide it by the obvious divisors. In this case, 158 is even so we can divide it by 2. Do that and you get 79. 79 is a prime number so we have finished prime factorizing 158. Thus the prime factors of 158 are 2 and 79.

Is 4 a good estimate for 158 41?

If I assume that you're talking about 158 / 41 then my quick answer is yes, it is a good estimate. 4 times 41 is 164 which is closer to 158 than 3 times 41 (123) and 5 times 41 (205). Final summary: 4 is a good estimate for 158 / 41 because it is the closest whole number to the real answer.

What is number 158 in Hoenn?

Psyduck, the Duck Pokemon

What is the sum greatest and smallest prime number between 60 and 100?

61+97=158 The sum is 158

What is 316 percent of 50?

To find 316 percent of a number, multiply the number by 3.16. In this instance, 3.16 x 50 = 158. Therefore, 316 percent of 50 is equal to 158.

What is a number that can be divided by thirty two and have a remainder of thirty that is less than 3000?

62, 94, 126, 158, 190...the list goes on and on

How do you write a 3 digit number in standard?

easy u just write it how the number ie Example: number 158 standard form 158 its basically the same way u write the regular number

What is number 158 in pokedex in Pokemon platinum?

Totodile is #158 in the national pokedex. Kirlia is #158 in the Platinum expansion version of the Pokedex. (expansion based off of the Diamond/Pearl Pokedex)

Coretta bowling average decreased from 158 to 133. what is the percent decrease to the nearest tenth of a percent?

To find the percentage of one number in relation to another number then divide the relative number (in this case 133) by the base number (in this case 158) and multiply the result by 100.133 is therefore 100 x 133/158 = 84.2%. The decrease is thus 100 - 84.2 = 15.8%ALTERNATIVELY : The decrease is 158 - 133 = 25.25 as a percentage of 158 is 100 x 25/158 = 15.8%

What was the first number in the World War 2 draft?


What number will go evenly into 158 and 207?

Just 1.